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Quality Mass Diet

This is my first time posting on the Nutrition forum, and I’m hoping someone might be willing to reply to my request. I’m currently doing Chris Sugart’s Quality mass diet. Would anyone have a couple of minutes to look at a brief summary of my macronutrient intake for the week, (below) and critique it?
I would be really appreciative of anyone’s feedback, as it will help me see where I’m making mistakes. Thanks, in advance, to all replies:

Stats: 46 years old, 163 lb. 15% BF

Based on the information in the diet plan, I am generall consuming about 3300cal on workout days, and about 2800=2900 cal on non workout days:

DAY 1: (workout day)
calories 3235

Fat: 96g 866cal 28%
Sat: 19g 172cal 6%
Carbs: 234g 812cal 26%
Protein: 355g 1420cal 46%

DAY 2 (workout day)
calories: 3445

Fat: 92g 826cal 25%
Sat: 16g 142cal 4%
Carbs: 324g 1180cal 36%
Protein: 311g 1244cal 38%

DAY 3 (workout day)
calories 3370

Fat: 77g 697cal 22%
Sat: 11g 96cal 3%
Carbs: 411g 1532cal 48%
Protein: 247g 989cal 31%

DAY 4 (workout day)

calories 3485

Fat: 83g 749cal 23%
Sat: 15g 132cal 4%
Carbs: 379g 1415cal 43%
Protein: 289g 1155cal 35%

DAY 5 (non workout day)

Calories: 2886

Fat: 89g 801cal 28%
Sat: 18g 158cal 6%
Carbs: 201 714 25%
Protein: 325 1301 46%

DAY 6 (workout day)

Calories: 3437

Fat: 75g 671cal 20%
Sat: 19g 171cal 5%
Carbs: 385g 1449cal 43%
Protein: 316g 1263cal 37%

DAY 7 (non workout day)

Calories: 2884

Fat: 106g 956cal 35%
Sat: 19g 173cal 6%
Carbs: 263g 868cal 32%
Protein: 229g 915cal 33%

Why do you assume you are making mistakes? The diet looks pretty good to me assuming its the right kind of foods.

Judge the diet by your progress, not by the nutrient ratios and the exact calories. If you can gain a solid 2 or 3 pounds a month on the diet, it’s working perfect.

Overall it looks fine except the protein intake seems to flucuate quite a bit, is that planned?

However, aside from the overall composition more important details may be timing of meals, number of meals/day, early morning protein, late at night protein feeding and adequate pre/post workout nutrition (including a meal ~1 hour after the workout).

As for training/non-trainng days, I think that if you just remove the immediate post workout meal and possible scale back the next feeding no other changes need to occur.

The most important factor is this: Is it working? If it is don’t change it, maybe tweak but don’t change. Now if it’s not working look for a larger change in

  1. Training;
  2. Diet; and/or
  3. Recovery (including work and home life).

Good luck.

I’m sorry, but I just can stand reading peoples diets. How tall are you?

Why complicate eating? Make sure you get adequate protein, some EFAs and that your caloric intake is at a non retarded level above maintenance. Then just lift some heavy stuff. Really, it’s not much more complicated than that, unless you are at very low body fat and your genetic limit.