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Quality Amino Acids

I am looking to incorporate amino acids into my supplement regimen. I am looking for a good quality amino acids. I want powder form. Any recommendations?

Why don’t you just use a high quality protein powder like GROW!?

Unless you’re using specific aminos, it doesn’t make much sense to use an outdated amino acid supplement.

I read somewhere that CT uses MRM BCAA-G, which is a limonade flavored BCAA drink with glutamine. I haven’t tried it, but it sells at GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. I hope this helps…


gigon, my favorite wholesale supplier of quality amino acids is JoMar Laboratories in California. They sell in bulk (by the kilo) or by the bottle, encapsulated or powder. They’ll even custom-blend stuff for you. The lady who owns and manages the business is second generation, the daughter of the original owners. I’ve found her to be extremely knowledgable on anything and everything having to do with amino acids.

If you are taking a supplement like Grow!, would it still be beneficial to use an Amino Acid supplement also?

piper1, I’ve studied amino acids extensively. They can be of great therapeutic benefit in a number of chronic diseases and conditions, including mental disease. Neurotransmitters are, after all, made from amino acids.

However, for those of us with body composition goals, they’re not necessary. If you’re eating protein every 3 hours or so, you’re providing your body with all the amino acids it needs in perfect balance. Supplementing with individual amino acids could even be detrimental to your health and/or brain chemistry.

That being said, a number of people will use amino acids like glutamine, BCAAs or Arginine. Having tested a number of them for their reputed benefits, I would argue that your money is better spent on some T boosters, Surge, a good multi-vitamin or even some fish oil. You’ll get more of a bang for your buck.