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Quads too large

Hey i dont want to copp shit for this post but my quads are too large for my body. Im serious!! I keep hearing that to make my entire body grow, i have to do squats??? Im sure this is the truth but as i said, my quads are way too big as it is. How do i do squats without growing but still get the growth all over??? Please help anyone cos i cant allow them to grow any bigger. I’ve always had large quads even as a kid! It looks kinda funny actually!!!

I’ll trade you my traps for your quads…

train the posterior chain a lot, especially the hamstrings. If you have big quads, you should be able to get at least reasonably big hamstrings. Do you play sports? If not, you should (unless you just don’t like to), because having naturally strong legs is a huge advantage in many sports.

switch to a wider stance, i.e., powerlifters style. it emphasizes the hams and glutes more. it will allow you to lift the heavy weight you need to make your body grow without working your quads. or, lift heavier and lower reps.

I agree with pete’s post. also remember that the reason they say squats help to build overall mass is because of the hormones that are released. You still need to work the other body parts a certain way. Substitute deadlifts into the routine for a similar response. laters pk

Combat athletes who aren’t interested in mass, but still want the strength, concentrate on the deadlift and often times leave the squat out entirely.

Don’t worry, your upper body can grow just
fine without squats.

one word “SPRINT!!” Skip the squats, do dead lifts and SPRINT.

Look at any applicable EMG studies, and you’ll see that even powerlifting style squats require significant quadricep involvement as do regular deadlifts. If you want to continue getting the hormone release that comes from training big core muscle group movements, you could just do stiff-legged deadlifts or good mornings. And as an added bonus, you’ll be lowering the probable strength disparity between your quads and hamstrings thereby making yourself less prone to injury.