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Quads Look Inflamed, Feel Unstable


See above. My legs have been bothering me for over a decade and no one has been able to help. They feel out of alignment, unstable, and it feels like my lower quads don’t work, are basically dead. This picture illustrates that.

I did a cross-fit style workout as part of training to play rugby, which I may or may not end up playing. Shortly after one of the workouts which involved a high number of low weight squatting movements, I noticed inflammation of my quads themselves. The inflammation perfectly illustrate one aspect of how my legs feel. Please see the attached photos. You’ll see the bulge of VMO and lateralis adjacent to the patella. However, probably 4-6 inches above that, there is another bulge, which is not normally there. The bulge followed along the grain structure of the quads that I see in photos online. And the space between the secondary bulge that is due to inflammation and the kneecap, that part of the quad below it, closer to the kneecap, is the part of my quad that feels dead, like I can’t use the muscle that is there to generate any force.

I’m just hoping someone can shed some light on what this might mean.