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Quads and Quadruped Hip Extension


Hi, I am doing this exercise as recommended in "Dispelling the Glute Myth"
by Bret Contreras.

Thing is, my quads seem to be carrying the load- they really burn while my hams & glutes don't feel very much. I am pressing up with my heel and squeezing my butt. I can only guess that maybe it is because my quads are tight but I keep them stretched out and think I am decently flexible.

Has this happening to anyone else?
Any ideas on why this is happening?



Well first of all I have to say that I think this looks like a really stupid exercise and you're probably on the wrong track training-wise.

But to answer your question, based on that picture it looks like the quadricep is getting stretched at the bottom of the movement, which is going to activate it above anything else.


that might be your weakest link


This is why generalized statements that don't take individual histories into account are a bad thing.

Mr pop, you're dead wrong on this. She has every reason to be doing this type of exercise.

You're using a regular butt blaster machine, not a reverse hyper like Bret is in the picture, correct? That means you're pressing on a different angle and not getting the full benefit the Bret was talking about.

If you want to de-emphasize the quads, make sure you're not doing your leg extensions immediately before the hip extensions. Doing your leg curls or another glute/hamstring exercise right before them may help too, as a kind of "pre-exhaust". If I followed your routine right, you don't really have any compound leg exercises using resistance, so your quads will want to contribute to any kind of pressing motion since they're already a relatively-weak link.

Another thing, if you double-check the original article, you'll see that it's a "phase two" exercise, somewhat more advanced. You might be better off sticking with some of the "phase one" exercises like glute bridges (single or double leg) or hip thrusts.


Thank you for responding everyone.

Thanx for responding Chris. You are right- I didn't really see the difference until you pointed it out- the Butt Blaster starts with the thigh parallel to the ground so there is no hip flexion involved. I don'think this is what is causing the burn but it makes me realize that I guess the quads have to work (eccentrically) when lowering the weight... (? not sure)


Yes! Geez, that is so like me- skipping ahead etc! Phase 2 contains weighted bridges and the quadruped hip extensions. So I know I am not really ready for weighted bridges, so if I follow the program that means I am not ready for the hip extensions, you are correct. Also I haven't started doing hip thrusts. So maybe I should actually follow his program accurately!

Thank you very much Chris. Your advice is going to help me long term- I will follow this propram more carefully now- no more skipping ahead.


think about the quality of activation in your glutes / hammies. really being able to tense / recruit these muscles. then using them to lift the weight rather than letting your body shift the work to other areas. i think most people (women in particular) tend to be quad dominant so their body will turn things into an anterior chain rather than posterior chain exercise if it can.

the glutes can't fire optimally if the hip flexors are short / tight. bridges are good because they simultaneously stretch the flexors and activate the glutes. x band walks are also good for the glutes - the glute medius and other stabilizers around the outside of your hip (important for preventing knee cave and possible knee injury that females are prone to).



ok thanx Alexus :slight_smile: yes, my glute mediuses (ha what is the plural- medii?) are too weak, I am doing a lot of work on them.