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Quadruple Amputee to Fight in MMA Match



Maybe I'm being an insensitive dick, but what the fuck? This should not be allowed to go down.


You have no idea who that cat is huh?

I've interviewed him, and that picture that is in the yahoo article is from the day I did it.

That kid wrestles for the University of Georgia. He's got the heart of a fucking lion, one that everyone on this board should try their hardest to emulate, and he's trying like hell to do this.

I suggest you look up his book, "No Excuses" and read up on his history before you judge the event.

And fuck me if half of me didn't think he'd win his first match.

Trust me on this one.


that kids a wrestling fukin beast. hes #2 in his state i think. he dont fuck around on he matt


Oh snap! I've seen this guy before! Hes an absolute beast! This guy is amazing and has an even more amazing story. MMA is about grappling, who could do that more than a guy who is already on the ground? Thats why hes so good at wrestling. Also he has less limbs to get tangled up. I mean I think he will do extremely well.


He is, but man would he be fucked in Japan.



i have seen videos of him wrestling. he is an absolute beast. i fucking love watching him. what an inspiration!

however, i feel he has no place in MMA. and i feel bad for his opponent. if he loses, he looks like a schmuck, if he wins, all he acomplished was beating up a quad-amputee


or look like an asshole.

that's pretty much word for word what i was thinking.

and correct me if i'm wrong, but in a match where strikes are permitted, i don't see him stopping his opponent from literally kicking him around.


The only thing that I don't like about this is that it takes a lot of weapons away from his opponent. You can't kimura or armbar. You can't keep him in side control or likely even guard, because it is your lower legs that keeps you from easily pulling out of those positions.

Of course he's at a disadvantage, but so is his opponent.


You can't kick a grounded opponent which is at all times so you have to punch him from a standing position. You cant kick him armbar, kimura, leg lock him etc... I think he has a great shot, but yeah if kicks were aloowed hed be beyond fucked.


Ive seen him wrestle, hes good, and fast too.

I wouldn't be heavily surprised if he won his first match.

Problem is I dont see him going very far beyond novelty in this sport.

Hes good, and his strength is high for his weight, but lets face it, hes not much of a contender in the long run.

Its not that hard to punch him in the head. Hes a good wrestler, but I dont know if he will hold up as well when knees and fists are involved.

Youd be hard pressed to take a knee or two to the face, no matter how good you are, and being at waist level is going to make that easy.


Good grief, ok the guys a superhero and all, I have all the respect for him and all. But how in the hell is he going to defend against punches. Its a free country and if he wants to and all, go right ahead. It don't think it is wise though. They are going to have a hard time finding an opponent.


I know exactly who he is, and while what he's accomplished is truly inspirational and impressive, he does not belong in MMA. When I posted this I was thinking exactly what HolyMac and Playoffsorbust are. A guy with no hands trying to defend a soccer kick to the face? Come on man.


This is just an attempt to make a hero out of the 'underdog'

This is just pathetic


Let dude try.
It is awkward for the promotor.
but let dude try.


He'll never love by armbar.


Since when does MMA allow soccer style kicks to the face?

Like KMC said, let him try. When I talked to him last, this was his absolute dream, and he's done all that's required to do it, including training in BJJ under some notable guys.

Give him a shot before you brush him off so quickly.




while we're at it, why don't we give the deaf guy a shot at becoming a police officer.

or let's give the 8month prego lady a legitimate shot at the jello wrestling event at my work this weekend

i don't care who he's trained under. the momo has NO ARMS OR LEGS.

i look at it as nothing more than a carnival show.


I thought it was a joke until I read the post and I remembered hearing about that guy before.

Let him go for it, what's the worst that could happen?


Momo? What the fuck is a momo? Christ, take the dick out of your ass and talk like a man.

Now, the guy is a trained (very, very trained) combat athlete. He's an awesome wrestler, and has achieved a good rank in BJJ. The kid was even a decent nose guard in football.

Point being, he's athletic as shit, has trained like crazy, has proven he can compete with combat athletes, and meets the qualifications needed.

There is no reason to not at least give him one fight to prove himself. To be honest, I don't care if you see it as a carnival show. Most of MMA is a carnival show to me.

But having met this kid, I know that that's the last thing he wants. What he wants is to be taken seriously as a combat athlete, and he's proved haters wrong for years and years. Give him a shot, and see what he can do.