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Quadrilateral Space Syndrome

My brother-in-law was in the Army for 10 years and trained throughout the whole ten years. He developed Quadrilateral Space Syndrome his last year in the military and finds it impossible to do anything that involves his shoulders. He wants to train and get back in shape again but does not know how to train around his injury or rehab it. Anybody have any knwoledge on this subject or know anyone who has dealt with it?

No personal experience w/it, and don’t know any more than I can google. At first, glance, though, this link seems more pertinent/user-friendly than some others. I can’t vouch for it beyond that:


Good luck treating it. Meanwhile, if your bro wants to train again, he’d benefit from identifying and addressing any deficiencies in his training that might’ve contributed to the problem in the first place.

Again, good luck.

It’s weird it not trauma related. whenever he raises his arms over 90 degrees he loses circulation in his arms. I’ll have to ask him what test the doctor did, but what I know is that they were able to see his circulation cut off after raising his arm 90 degrees. Anyonelse know anything, or how to train around it?

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I suspect that there are adhesions in that area which are creating nerve tension, etc, creating the functional problem.

If he loses circulation as he abducts the arm, this is simply compression of the axiliary artery by the pec minor and other tight muscles.

Just go and see an ART practitioner and get him to release the relevant muscles.


Thou art healed!

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What are indicators I should look for to know if the ART practitioner is “good”. Thanks for the help by the way.

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Thank you alot. I appreciate it.

Do you know if it specifically has to be an ART practioner. What about a chiropractor? or something within those boundaries.

Many chiropractors are also ART practitioners.

Awesome can’t wait to tell him. thank you everyone.