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Quadriceps Tendon/Patellar Discomfort

After front squatting for the first time in a very long time (I do every variation of back squat, but rarely ever front squat) 3 days ago, I’ve noticed some discomfort on my left quadriceps tendon. I’ve never had knee problems before, so I’m a little paranoid that disaster is inevitable – my question is, have any of you ever experienced quadriceps tendon pain? And if so, how can it be remedied?

Thanks in advance.

Avoid aggravating movements lel.

Build up to it slowly e.g. volume or intensity and maintain perfect form.

Since I’m ur coach apparently I’ma chip in with my 2 cents.

New shit seems to always cause issues. New exercises, more volume etc. usually end up with soreness. If you continue front squatting and this goes away then that’ll be it.

On the other hand your form (hint: drop a vid) could be the cause of your issues. Front Squats necessitate a more vertical torso therefore knees track further out over your toes. This puts more stress on the knee and related structures which may predispose you to injury (predispose not guarantee tho… you need stress to get adaptions).

If your form is shit or you’re immobile/not built for front squatting this could become a problem.

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That makes sense. After I posted this last night, I watched a few videos and it seems that knee pain is a little more common with front squats than back squats because there’s more quad recruitment (therefore more quadriceps tendon stress). I’ve never posted a video before but I’ll try to figure out how to get one up. Thanks coach