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Quadricep Tendon Tear?

Hello all, so I was doing some full cleans the other day, it was actually a fairly light day, however on one clean I went down to get under the bar, caught it, and (while in a deep squat position) heard a small tearing sound which felt like it came from the tendon directly above my kneecap. I immediately ditched the weight in fear, but there was no pain or after effects. I was even able to continue with some (careful) front squats.

There has not been any pain since, but the area above my kneecap feels a bit weaker than usual, so of course I have decided to stop any deep squatting or heavy lifting until it is 100%

Has anyone experienced anything similar (most likely while squatting?)

Can anyone offer advice?

Is there anything in particular I can do to aid recovery?

I havent really done anything yet, because it seems like such a minor injury, but I fear that if I just ignore it, it might lead to something more serious down the road.