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Quadricep Only Exercises?


Anyone know any exercises that only target your Quads? Only exercises I have been able to come up with or search up is leg extension. I've been doing different forms of the exercises but I'm hoping some of you might have another exercise.

Reason I need it to be Quad only is because my hamstrings tend to grow much faster and I'm getting really uncomfortable with the chafing that comes with larger hamstrings. Thanks ahead of time for any inputs.



Sissy squats.


Heel elevated front squats. Don't go all the way down, high rep, and keep the tension.


how fat are you?


I'm sorry and don't mean to be rude, but I really hope this is a troll. I find it highly improbably that you have such overpowering hamstrings that it causes chafing. I can't even picture how that would be the case. Honestly, whenever someone says that a certain muscle group "grows too fast or grows much faster than others" and wants to avoid that happening, it makes me laugh.

Especially if you are natural, building lean muscle is like watching paint dry. You wouldn't be able to notice over a period of weeks or honestly even several months that ONE muscle group was growing at a much faster rate than the rest. If you honestly feel that one area of your body is gaining size that rapidly, you're more than likely just getting fat and that happens to be where your body stores fat predominantly.


Not in any way a troll. I also am in no competitive shape but I don't consider myself fat. I feel that my love handles is where I carry the most fat as I have the tear drop in my quads. My phone's camera is broken so this is a pic I took with my girlfriend's phone a couple days ago. Don't have any of my legs in my phone honestly but they aren't impressive. Thigh measures 23.8"

I was a bit heavier a couple weeks ago and I was chafing at that point. Now that I am a couple pounds lighter the chafing has gone away but the feeling was so uncomfortable that I would never like to go back to it again. At my job I work 12hr shifts lifting and setting up tables and chairs so that feeling for 12hrs was far from manageable.

I can't see this problem going away if I continue to train hams for growth. I don't really think my hams grow any faster but I am certain that I don't want them to grow anymore and don't think that should be an issue to anybody as it is a personal choice of mine.

Thank you to everyone else for the suggestions. I'll look them up to see the correct way of execution and throw them in my routine.



12 hour work days are no fun. I doubt it's your hamstrings that are giving you trouble, as they don't really rub together..

perhaps your problem is thigh adductors.

in any case, judging by how underdeveloped your physique is, it's readily apparent that your problem isn't caused by the size of your legs.

you may want to consider wearing longer underwear and tighter-fitting pants so that your legs are dry and not rubbing against each other.


That's what I had assumed at first because I felt my legs were in no size to be a nuisance yet even now that the problem doesn't occur on a regular basis or while working, it still happens after a leg day (Squats/Leg Press/ Leg Ext) or when I'm on the stair master for cardio. I can literally feel the back of my legs touching/rubbing; growing up as a skinny twig this new feeling is horrible. Don't feel this dilemma is doc worthy, just feel it can be avoided by skipping any hamstring workouts but still want to maximize growth in my quadriceps.



muscular imbalances typically lead to some pretty severe injuries.


I just spent some time looking into this topic as it never occurred to me and it seems all muscular imbalance injury articles have some correlation to a sport. I don't compete in any sports nor do I plan on doing so. I am only in the gym for pure aesthetics and health reasons. Don't see how I could even stumble upon a minor injury let alone a "severe" one so a little curious how you inferred that.


well that's because sports involve running, jumping, etc.. those jerking-type movements are when muscular imbalances are really brought to light, resulting in injury.

if im not mistaken, it's because females are more quad-dominant (in addition to the Q angle formed at their hips) which makes them more prone to ACL and meniscus tears.

being quad-dominant is not a good thing..

but sure, just for the sake of argument, if you are able to go through life without ever running, jumping, or slipping on anything, etc.. then you may be able to avoid injury from only training your quads. but you may find that your knees do not appreciate the muscular imbalance.

this is really a silly topic I can't believe you are having a hard time understanding this


Your correlation/causation logic is a bit off there. Sports can cause imbalance injuries but they aren't the only cause by any means.

The most obvious example I can think of would be to look at all the bros who do nothing but bench press and neglect their pulling movements/backs. Helllooo shoulder injuries. Why would you focussing entirely on your quads and neglecting your hams be any different?

Also, I've seen a guy with massive quads and very underdeveloped hams/glutes before. Since aesthetics are a concern for you and you still want to maximise your quad size then I really don't recommend neglecting your backside.


Don't only train your quads and neglect your posterior chain. That is a good way to end up with a weak, ugly, and injured lower body.


Couple things here:

  • I doubt any of the guys above have hamstrings that rub together. It's safe to say that you don't either.

  • What does your current training look like? The days, exercises, sets, and reps.

  • An upper body-only pic, in a thread about your allegedly-disproportionate legs, is thoroughly pointless. A leg pic (ideally a front and back view) would obviously be tons more useful.

  • What do the competitors you train with say about your legs and what do they suggest to "fix" it?