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Quad Workout That Might Kill You

Thank you Dr Darden,

Here it is! My all time favorite routine on legs! A great double pre-exhaustion which digs the inroad of the century. Bear in mind, this is not NTF - but I judge that the legs can tolerate it (or at least has, for 5 workouts/twice weekly).

Question to Dr Darden:
I am rapidly progressing in strength. Is it accurate to add weight on the leg press first (or only)? I hesitate adding weight on the dumbbell squat.

I think you are right. First, add more resistance to the leg press.

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Dr. Darden,

Do you prefer dumb bell squats versus barbell squats? Also, regarding dumb bell squats, can you give me the step by step technique in performing dumb bell squats. Thanks.


Yes, I prefer dumbbell squats to barbell squats. A good description of dumbbells squats is in the article above: “A 5-Minute Quad Workout That Might Kill You.”

Thank you

Dr. Darden, I wonder is this intended to be a stand alone workout of just these three sets? Or as the last three sets of a more complete 30-10-30 workout? For the wall squat the article says ‘At the end of the 60-second hold, all you have to do is sit down’, which implies this is the last set of the workout. Normally I would put legs at the start of a workout, but the wall squats seem to be the natural end of this routine on several counts. What do you think?

Using the Quad Workout as the end of a more complete 30-10-30 routine is one way to perform it. But you could also do it at the beginning.

Great thank you. Maybe I will try it the end of the workout until I see whether I can stand up at all after the wall squats.

Hi Kirkre,

I have successfully applied this routine in the beginning of a workout. It serves both as a proper warmup, as well as a great leg routine. After which you are well prepared for training other muscle groups.

Another more important point after 3 weeks: My pants are now smaller than before - or is it the legs… Again, Dr Darden’s ideas work great for me!

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Any substitution for the leg press??