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Quad, Tri Stack Thoughts

Hey guys,

I am Planning on running a quad stack for 10wks, then dropping down to a tri stack. Im basing this on low dose synergy of multiple compounds. My diet will be mostly protein at a low to moderate caloric intake because of my job and a tight budget.

My goal is to remain the same total weight while decreasing my waist size. I will be measuring my waist/body weight rather then getting a bf test. If my waist can considerably shrink and I lose 5-10 total pounds, i will be happy.

I am about 215-220lbs at about 12-14%, the schedule will be as follows.

Week1=TestC 450mg, Deca300mg, EQ300mg, Masteron 100mg Mon, Thurs(200mg total for 1st wk of Masteron)1254mg total

Week2-9=TestC 300mg, Deca150mg, EQ150mg, Masteron50mg 2x perwk. 700mg total mg

Week10-53=TestC 300mg, Deca150mg, EQ150mg. 600mg total

Let me know what everyone thinks…I know, I know, most if not all are going to get on me for the length of this treatment but I am actually trying to suppress my “boys” on purpose. I have been on for 8-10 months of the year on average if not longer since 2002 with much higher stacked doses on you name it and when I got off guess what happened? I got my girl prego 3 months after getting off(loads of Alpha Male).

i now have a kid so i dont need my balls anymore so to speak so please dont get on me, children are the most expensive, dificult venture you will ever take on. I love them very much and would die for my wife and kid but, another one would sink the ship big time.

Flame, criticize, advice,opinions etc welcomed, thanks gang


I think using a condom or getting birth control is better than staying on for 53 weeks. And I have heard of people getting their girls pregnant while on a cycle.

I feel ya Bone but, long cycles is what I have always done. When I meet my girl, i had been on for 3 months. We had sex a month later and I pulled out for like a month after. I continued therapy for six months after and was blowing loads in her the whole time.

And she has never been on birth control mind you, thats the crazy part. So at this point I am nearing 10months total of Tren Ace and Test E-C mix. Once I get off and start taking Alpha Male max dose I get her pregnant 3-4 months later. Ive done long cycles consistantly like I said since 2002 and thought that would for sure zap my nuts for good cause they were like raisins. Boy was I wrong.

Other then the length of the therapy does anyone have thoughts on the combos and dosages?

I am not criticizing your choice to stay on for as long as you do but do you really think it is necessary to stay on for a year straight just to lose 10 pounds? Losing 10 pounds for someone at 230 pounds @ 12% bf shouldn’t be difficult at all, unless you are a short guy like me.

Do you only use Alpha Male when coming off AAS?

Its kind of funny, i know everyone uses all kinds of post cycle stuff and thats what your supposed to do but, Alpha Male max dose for 3 months works fantastic for me. I hold most of my weight as long as i work out and eat enough calories. I also take ZMA.

I get raging hardons and want to bang every girl in sight. thats how i got my girl knocked up after a fairly heavy 10 month cycle.

I know everyone is different and that why I wouldnt recommend a Alpha Male as advice to anyone else after 10 months of heavy shit. ive been doing this for years, before the new formula came out too.

I just like being on for almost a year and that works for me oddly enough. And Im not staying on that long just to lose weight, Im zapping my balls intentionally. i want to stay huge, get huge-er, look better and most of all…NO MORE BABIES!

And i know your not criticizing, no offense taken at all.

I posted to get peoples take on the combo and doses…not length

Alrighty, fair enough

I’ve only ever used test and dianabol myself so I can’t comment on the other compounds.

what you are suggesting is a “blast and cruise” for a year.

how experienced are you with AAS?
and why not keep it simple example

8 weeks test/deca then cruise with TRT levels for a couple months then test/deca 8 more weeks ect

and why are you wanting the mast?
Details man details why do you think this is a good cycle. and sorry if I missed it in your other posts.

I really dont like this cycle but I will let you explain why first and also wheres your AI at?