Quad Tightness in Leg Raise?

i tried a hanging leg raise today, the movement itself isnt difficult, but i get a really tight feeling through my quads, i cant get my legs parallel to the floor because of it. is this just quad tightness?

(i sit alot through the course of the day at a screen)


It could also be because you’re weak. Get stronger at the exercise, and then see how well that improves your ROM at it.

Bending at the knee will activate your lower abs better. Keeping your legs straight will work your hip flexors more.

Theres a thread in the beginners forum about ab training. It’s recent. I posted quite a bit about hanging leg raises in it. Have a look.

Could be neural inhinbition from your hip flexors being really really tight. It usually only occurs in extreme end ranges of a muscles ROM though. Like Bonez said, just do them with your knees bent.