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Quad Test E Injection Pain

Just created an account to seek help apologies if i’m breaking any rules just looking for help.

I started my first cycle and i had my first jab on Sunday morning, (2 and a half days ago) and since then my leg has become slightly swollen but is in a lot of pain (can’t walk up stairs or standing and walking is fine with a slight limp) asides from the leg i feel fine.

The pain is localised and goes from slightly below the injection site (halfway up thigh, outer side) down to my knee and feels like it is only affecting one of the quad muscles (think its the Vastus Lateralis that is affected).

The injection was 1ml of Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml using a 3ml Syringe equiped with a 23G x 1.25” (0.60 x 32mm) needle. Two were used one to draw one to inject.

My hands were shaking when i was performing the injection and i bled slightly. I’m second guessing myself if i swabbed the vial before drawing so i’m worried i may have caused an abscess.

Would be greatly appreciated if anyone could give any advice and help discern if it’s an abscess or just normal pain i’m dealing with as well as if and when i should seek medical advice.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Probably just post injection pain (PIP) in a virgin muscle. Are you using pharma or UGL?

My money is on you hitting the wrong muscle. Based on your description of the pain I assume you hit the rectus femoris, which would hurt like Hell when walking, especially up the stairs. Been there, man. Stopped pinning quads after only a few attempts.

I’ve literally only ever pinned quads. Had a bit of PIP to start, but nothing that stopped me squatting, or whatever. I get no PIP now! I guess I’m lucky as a lot of posters on here hate pinning quads! :slight_smile:

What’s your go to spot iron ??

Gluteal, either ventro or dorso. That’s just for IM. Sometimes I pin delts with a slin and it’s very smooth, but you’re limited to the volume. I’ve also done slin in the lats (meh) and the belly (also meh). Been a little tougher while blasting because my body does not like the carrier oil that I’ve got for this extra test, so I’ve had to mix it up a lot more than usual.

Welcome to the club. Next time PIITB.

The first time I ever pinned it was in the quad and it went great and I expected the PiP; it felt as if I got hit by a soft ball. I could still do all the things, but it was very uncomfortable. I switched to glutes and haven’t had a problem since. Every once in a while I pin the quad just to give my ass a break and usually regret it.