Quad Tendinitis?

I have a pain in both legs about 1inch above knee cap. It hurts when walking up stairs or anything involving quads. I think I over did doing too many squats with too much weight. Does this sound like tendinitis? How to rehab?


How many injuries are you going through? You have already posted regarding a quad injury from squatting, not to mention you responded to another thread saying you had shoulder issues too. All the suggestions given on the previous quad injury during squatting thread will correspond with what you are stating here as well. Best of luck with your recovery.

Lol. Old age I guess! My shoulder is not injured I was just saying once in awhile I get a pain like that. My quad is injured however. The pain is above the knee slightly to the outsides. The pain is only like and ache and when I did squats yesterday I felt something tear in the VL about 5 inches above knee. It must not be to bad either because there is not much pain or swelling there either. I’m just wondering if they are related. Probably overuse and too heavy. I’m also wondering if I should just work through it or lay off quad work altogether for a few weeks.