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Quad survey

I’ve been cutting for the last 25 days or so and have dropped about 12-14#. I know that seems like a lot but I expected that as much as 8# was water and I’d recover some weight when I brought calories and carbs back up. Problem is that I’ve had may calories up for 4 days and my weight hasn’t increased at all. On top of that I was in the gym tonight and a friend that works there (who is a powerlifter) came up to me and asked how much weight I had lost because it was very noticable. He said that my face was a lot thinner, upper body was leaner, but it looked like I was loosing my leg mass badly. I got home and measured my quads and at the thickest point they were 22" (down by 1-2"). At a bodyweight of 178# (5’10") does that seem pretty small to you guys? I mean they look better (to me) but I’m getting paranoid about muscle loss now.


What are you doing in terms of leg training? Have you noticed a drop in lifting pounds as well? Are you still training heavy - were you training heavy? Where you doing any cardio? And if so, how much? More than before your cutting phase? My legs also lose ALOT of size - especially when I useto do alot of cardio. So I skip the cardio, even during a precontest phase and just keep training heavy. That saves overall mass. But the above questions are all factors to consider, too.

i know this probably isnt the type of response you were looking for, but i figured id throw it out there anyway. i find that my legs appear fuller when i cut up. when cutting, i get on the stationary bike for 15-30 mins (not too fast, not too slow–i actually read during this time & that provides enough of a distraction to prevent me from going balls to the wall and draining myself). anyway, this daily cycling has ALWAYS managed not only to help me avoid losing mass in my legs, but to give the appearance that im gaining size in my thighs. i would still have a “leg day” while cutting, but i decreased the intensity. i dont think i was overtraining either. and this was on the t-dawg diet. worked out quite well for me. are you doing cardio & if so, what type?

Sorry about that but it’s hard to tell without knowing what were your measurements before…For me, 22’’ at 5’10’’ seems a little low but that’s just me. At 6’4’’ I range between 26-28’’ depending upon body fat% but I was born with good legs to begin with…so don’t panic! measure yourself and you’ll know really soon if you’re wasting away…

My 2 cents,

Well the loss of leg strength ‘is’ an issue but I was attributing it to the increase in cardio (20-30 min/ED). I am the least objective person when it comes to body changes. When I’m bulking I am always convinced that I’m getting fat and when I’m cutting I get paranoid that I’m loosing mass. With a reduction in bodyfat one could loose size from intramuscular fat. How the hell am I supposed to tell whats going on?

I’ve got the same dimensions and my legs are at 23" and I consider them small, but that’s just me, I’ll also want them bigger. I also have a hard time getting my legs in proportion to my upper body.

Hey aboulder, have you trained your leg first in the training week and first in the workout? If not, try it and see if it helps. Read Ian King’s stuff, he knows his shit when it comes to legs(and all other bodyparts for that matter!).


I was your size about two summers ago. At a ripped 5’10- 5’11 (depends on who measured) 180. My legs were 23" and I actually had women comment on my legs, strange huh? Some lady out of the blue stopped me at SubWay commented on my legs and asked me what I did. Kinda a weird compliment for a guy but I appreciated it.

Well guys I’m not dropping anymore weight right now. I got my calories back up and bw is stable @ 178. According to calipers I’m right at 10%bf (12% on Tanita) and I’ve definitely got more cuts. Got some new veins in my calves that run up into my hamstrings and the tie-ins (sp) in my chest are much more visible. But I’m still not lean enough and yet I’m going to have to buy some smaller pants. Just don’t know if I’m making things better or worse.