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Quad Spasms when Bending Legs

So my quads have involuntary spasms generally when I bend them or kneel etc. could this have anything to do with my cycle or is it most likely because I’m just training harder. I drink plenty of water take multi vitamins, eat fruits and veggies etc.

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What are you doing for electrolytes? Salt? If you get too low on that stuff you suffer. Don’t expect a multi vitamin to help you, they’re fairly worthless.

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It could possibly be because your bloodline is weak.

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Yeah I have plenty of electrolytes for sure so can’t be that. My legs have been growing really quickly so I thought maybe it’s just the new muscle tissue being tight?

Lmao u have the best responses in this entire forum​:joy::joy:

If it was B12 at fault, that would be myelin sheath issues and they are more active when you’re at rest. It sounds more like you are using up something or a couple of things during exercise. You could easily have exercise induced deficiencies. I get hypocalcemia, which I can feel in the muscle when it hits. Blood work can tell you which thing sometimes, and it just involves taking some of whatever it is 30 minutes before the workout and maybe using an electrolyte drink during the workout and not just water.

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Thanks man! I’m actually going to get bloods this week so that should help then. I drink an intraworkout with electrolytes and drink several other drinks throughout the day that have a lot of electrolytes so I wouldn’t think that is the issue but I am training super hard so who knows. Thanks for all the help

Ha shucks I didnt even think anyone noticed me. I’ve been training for a long time. 95% of it has been natty and yet I’ve experienced muscle spasms plenty of times. It’s totally normal. Unless the spasms become debilitating and stop you from going to work or training, I wouldn’t pay them any mind, especially since you claim to eat vegetables and drink eater. I’d say there’s a 1% chance that you spasm multiple times everyday for months on end. Things like this can seem like they are becoming the new normal, and then one day they are gone as fast as they showed up.

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