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Quad Shot - Hit Nerve

I’m on TRT after a history of blast and cruise. I did a quad shot yesterday and hit a nerve: got a sharp, pinching pain and my muscle spasmed a bit. It seemed fairly mild though and so I just readjusted the needle and completed the injection.

I’ve had this happen a couple times over the years but never thought anything of it. But now that I’m older and more health-conscious I got hit with the thought: could this cause nerve damage? There’s no swelling, redness or neurological symptoms but I can feel a very mild ache in the area of the injection.

I contacted my prescribing doc and he said not to worry about it because the nerve I hit was “superficial.” But, I wanted to see if anybody else has experienced this and if it’s cause for concern. I carry a lot less muscle nowadays and might have to stop quad shots (my go-to area for years).

Thanks for your help.

My understanding is nerves just like almost all the the human body does a great job at healing itself.

I damaged a nerve in my wrist by falling asleep on it wrong years ago. My hand was literally paralyzed for almost a month it was the craziest shit ever long story short the nerve healed up.

So altho I doubt you even did any damage just know that if you did it will most likely heal.

Heres a thought tho if your just doing trt injections which are relatively low dose why not use insulin needles and inject into smaller muscle groups I wiuld even consider sub q if it’s low dose. No need to jab yourself In the thigh for trt in my opinion save that for when you blast again using higher volumes of oil.

Yull live yur gonna scrape nerves every now & then big deal… #pin2win

This used to happen to me every once in a while. Never had any issues other than it being very unsettling. I did an injection in my right quad one time and nicked a nerve so bad it made my leg jerk and ever since then I have tried to avoid hitting quads altogether. It makes me nervous and sweat so bad and reminds me of my first injection back in the day. Man that was a long time ago…

It ain’t no thing. Bodies are built to heal. But that’s exactly why I stopped hitting the quad. I had a similar reaction about 50% of the time. Not sure if I suck at injecting or have a physiological oddity.

Thanks for the replies fellas. Helpful to get your experience and insight.

Been on TRT for 5 years. I use to hit my quads just for how simple it is but ended up hitting a nerve about 75% of the time. At minimum a few dozen times. Stoped doing it just because I couldn’t find spots in my quads with no nerves. Any who… absolutely no long or even short term damage ever came of it.