Quad Question

Ok, I’ve been doing the Meltdown/5x5 combo for about 2 weeks now, and it is really kicking my butt. The DOMS is out of this world. Anyway, I’ve noticed that although I incorporate front and back squats, power cleans, and a variety of deads, my inner thighs are still flabby and lacking as compared to my hamstrings. I’ve tried different foot spacing, and can’t find the “groove” that hits the inner thigh. I was wondering what to try? Thanks, -The Starkdog

Leg press, legs widely spaced, feet splayed out, full range of motion. It’ll hit the insides of your thighs like nothing you’ve ever experienced. You can do a similar movement on the hack squat machine as well.

char-dawg, thanks for the advice. I forgot to mention that I have a 34" inseam, and long arms. Ironically, I already use such a foot placement on the leg press. My gym doesn’t have a hack squat sled, so I’ll have to try something else. When I do squats, I utilize a Powerlifting stance, like Dave Tate mentions in his “Squat 900 Pounds” article, and the same with deads. I try to utilize compound movements at all times, as they directly correlate to everyday movements. I was thinking of using the hip abductor/adductor machine, but would have to chase the 300 pound spandex and cellulite blob off of it. Thanks- The Starkdog

Wide stance squats, using all the methods desribed in Dave Tate’s squat articles. Also, lunges seem to always hit me hard in the inner thigh, groin, glute region.

What about sumo squats? Wide stance hacks have worked for me in the past, too.

Nothing will hit them better than the Sumo Squat; so forget about the hip abductor/adductor machine-- that is a waste of time.

Secondly, the problem is most likely that you store some excess fat in this region, thus the "flabby" appearance. Your "problem" areas are the last to go, so stick it out and you'll see your inner thighs transform as you continue to get leaner.


It could be that you’re overtraining the thighs and are glycogen depleted. This is definitely likely if you are also doing lots of cardio and/or HIT intervals. If this is the case then the musculature will tend to take on a soft appearance. If not then sumo squats and deads are good but must be performed correctly…Don’t do the sumo squat like a powerlifter leaning forward and sticking the rear way out taking pressure off the thighs. Angle the feet out 45 degrees and try to keep a vertical spine.

Almost forgot. Just another exercise to hit the inner thighs: One Arm Dumbbell Snatch.

All the responses and there is finally one that hits on the spot reducing aspect of the question.

Wow, I feel like a celebrity. Char-dawg, Jason Norcross, Patricia, and Joel Marion all responded. I’ll be sure to put this one on my calendar:) Anyways, great information gang. A little bit more information- I occasionally do sumo squats as I cycle through leg movements, and yes I could feel it a little sore in the inner thigh, but I thought it was from being positioned with the legs 120-135 degrees apart. I rarely do cardio, except after stretching before doing any leg routine; and I use the eleptical for 10-15 minutes to pump blood into my legs. It actually helps me on leg days, as I can do more reps and weight- interesting concept. I do believe, that Joel was right, that it is just a fatty area, and will take a while to eliminate. It sucks, because I would like to wear shorts, but am too embarassed of my ghetto-squat butt, and the flabby inner thighs. Overall, I can tell a difference in my thighs from a month ago. I just finished a Mag-10 cycle 2 weeks ago, and my legs STILL get a pump even 2 weeks after stopping Mag-10. I added 3/4 of an inch to my thigh circumference, and shed some fat, so the insertion of the quad into the knee joint is more prominent. My senior year in high school, I had 19" calves. YES, 19" calves. I have fallen back to 17.75" calves, and am trying to get to 19" again. If I could only shed the fat in my upper quads and butt, my lower body development would be awesome. Anyways, thanks for the great info gang!!- The Starkdog