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Quad Pull, What to do Now?


Okay, so im trying to lose weight (doing that since May 5th with a low carb/high protein/high fat diet and Bill Starr's 5x5) and I decided to add sprints in last monday (6 days ago). I got 4 sprints in and both my quads were really, really sore, so I stopped and just figured I wasn't used to sprinting and it was normal. I lifted the next day (Tuesday), rested the day after that, and lifted again Thursday then went to football drills Thurday night and we had to run sprints. I took 3 steps and both my quads were very sore but my right one really hurt and I stopped. It hurt to move, and I couldn't walk or bend my leg without pain (decent amount of it). I don't know for sure what I did, im guessing a pull, possibly a strain.

Next day hurt to walk, day after still hurt to walk but not as much. Then today I decided to lift and I started squatting and my leg didn't cause much pain (though there was a slight amount) but my strength was down. I did 290 lbs 1x2 last week but during this workout I only got 270 1x2 and I was going for 5 reps. Does anyone have a suggestion for what I should do? I was thinking maybe taking a week off and try to let my leg heal up. Im afraid I will lose strength during this time though. My strength already has gone down a small amount since I started cutting, and I hate it, and don't want to lose any more strength than I have to.

Sorry for all the type. One more question. I don't have a lot of energy for my workouts since I started cutting. Does anyone have a suggestion for a cheap way to boost energy for a couple hours will still keeping carbs low?


wait a few days until it stops being painful and is just uncomfortable and also make sure you warm up thoroughly