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Quad Pinning Question

anyone ever pin in spots 1 and 4?

I have not, I don’t know why anyone would. The pre-set spots (glute, VG, delt, quad-upper outer area)are chosen for a reason, in those specific areas you are least likely to hit arteries or veins. Why risk pinning in an area that does not offer you that safety? Stick with spot #1/2 the upper outer area.

1 yes, four no.

I have shot IGF in the Vastus Medialis only - it is relatively painful (relative to standard spots). i would not pin AAS there - there is simply no reason to. ever.

When i shoot oils into the thigh, i ALWAYS go in the larger, flatter, Vastus Lateralis… it is the best area and there is never any need to go in the Rec-Fem IMO either - although i know some do (usually out of ignorance i assumed).


Did it once, will never do it again.

[quote]bknieriem wrote:
Did it once, will never do it again.[/quote]

This is what I have heard every time I’ve heard this mentioned, which is why I’ll never do it.

good to know. anyone use lats or traps as sites regularly?

Lats are rather weird but work fine. I’ve not yet tried traps. I’m saving that site for emergency only :wink:

I have again shot both, and shot lats semi-regularly using IM IGF - however again there is just little need.

The most any regular AAS user will need to inject is once a day… that is 7 shots a week, this can easily be covered by rotating the 3 popular sites;

2x Quad
2x Gluteal
2x Deltoid

If you felt the urge, you could add a Bicep and a Ventro-Gluteal… and this would now be enough to cover 2 shots a day (10 separate sites rotated).

When using peptides or GH you will be either shooting sub-cut OR shooting minute volumes IM with 29g needles… removing the need for site rotation to any significant degree.
So all i can add is you should really be focusing on something other than where to stick yourself…

Outside of the quads, side delts, (hit nerves in front delts), triceps…upper, MEATY portion. That’s all I need.

I have done both and it was with supertest 400 which is 400mg/ml sustanon (strong concentration= more pain). I used 21g 1 inch needles and the first time for both places was pretty painful. The day of you can barely tell you injected. But the next 3-5 days will leave you close to immobile. The weaker the concentration the less pain. After a month of injecting these spots, you become more used to it and some times it hurts more than others, depending if u hit a blood vessel.