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Quad Pain After Glute Pin

I pinned 1cc of Sustanon 400 and 1cc of Tren 250 mix into my glute 2 days ago. I had pain in my quad this morning and now I can’t bend my leg back, I can barely walk. Never had this happen, applied heat compression and then ice and did not get better. Should I go to the hospital? I worked legs 3 days ago but was fine after and felt typical soreness after a leg day the day after. Don’t know what to do? Any advice?

Is the injection site swollen, red, hot.
Have you tried advil or antiinflammatories, curcumin, creams like traumeel. If none of those help there’s a chance you may have hit a nerve and then yes go see a doctor. There’s also the chance that you did something in your leg session and it’s just acting up now.
If nothing of the above works then yes go see a doctor.