Quad Pain 2 Weeks After Jab

Hi guys, new on the forum but have Used the site for lots of good advice in the past.
I’m hoping someone will be able to help me.
I started a new cycle nearly 3 weeks ago, Sust 250 and deca. So the first Monday I did a 1ml of sust in my left quad using a 25g 5/8 needle. Went in fine and had bad pip for 3 days. On Thursday I did another shot in my right quad, same again, about 3 days pip. However last Monday, I did my left quad again and nearly 2 weeks later I’ve still got pain. Just in the muscle itself, hurts to touch. Can’t bend it properly, can’t train legs and hurts to touch. It’s not hot or red, was slightly swollen but the swelling has gone down now, just the muscle still hurts. I haven’t done any jabs since that one.
This is my 4th cycle and never had this before.
Any help would be massively appreciated. Cheers guys


Try injecting somewhere else. Try injecting the sus & deca in different places so you can see which is causing it if it’s a reaction to something in the mixture. You could try injecting less at once but inject more often to see if that helps. Just throwing shit out there.

Cheers brother. Has put me off a bit as I’ve never experienced this before

Believe or not, most of those ’ post injection pain ’ from steroids are sited infections, if things are getting worse next time, you should hook up a doctor at local hospital, just be careful about it

Should have said that I went to hospital on Tuesday as that was the worse day, they said it wasn’t an infection and I did the injection wrong. I know that wasn’t the case as I’ve always jabbed my quads and never had any problems