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Quad Isolation Exercises?


I love deadlifts, but haven't really been doing any squats. Now that I'm trying full squats (ATG front and back), I notice I tend to lean forward excessively. My back isn't quite vertical on the way up, and sometimes it feels like I'm doing a good morning just to finish the squat movement.

I guess the posterior chain is a lot stronger (thank you deadlifts) than the anterior chain, and forward lean (using back & hamstrings to bail you out of a real squat) is just the natural tendency for someone like that.

So, how to correct this? Do you guys know of any good quad "isolation" exercises? (Something to strengthen the "anterior" chain?)


Do your squats in rep range of 8-12 with good form, until your form breaks down. = this means lower weight, can you handle that?

Then, jump on the Hack-Squat and perhaps go in the 5-8 rep range for 3-4 sets, really push your ass into the seat for every rep.
- put your feet as "high" up as you can.. Half my foot is always un-supported/off the mat.

Then do stomach vacuums outside of the gym.

That's what I'm doing to solve something similar. And by similar I mean, my form breaks down on the last set(front squats) which is 3-4 reps.

I could be wrong but that's what I'm doing for it.


Glute Ham Raise/Developer Sit ups will strengthen your abs.
Prowler will help strengthen anterior chain while giving spine a rest.

If you do not have a ghr or prowler then try hanging leg raises and weighted lunges.

Also search 'Dead squat' on elitefts, an exercise created by Josh Bryant.
If you have access to a yoke, yoke dead squats are great exercise as well.