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Quad Insertion/Tendon Pain


Well since I had a 6 day weekend(university closed Wednesday and just opened Tuesday). I trained legs Saturday night without warming up as I would usually do at the gym and started to do heavy(for me) walking dumbbell lunges and just yesterday noticed pain on my right quad tendon/insertion. Hurts more to go down stairs then up.

Other than taking fish oil and staying hydrated should I be doing anything extra? I was thinking about doing light single leg extensions on said leg to speed recovery.


Is the pain at the quad tendon insertion at the patella or the patellar tendon insertion at the tibial tuberosity?

Friction massage over the tendon can help, along with foam rolling and mobility work of the hip, hip flexor, and quad will also help.


Its at the patella.

Ill foam roll a bit later and see if that helps.