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quad insertion points

i gotta question. i’ve noticed lately that the insertion point (the part where the muscle stops bulging out when flexed) on my outer quadriceps are quite high, as in 2" or so above my kneecap. however, the insertion point on my inner quads are right up next to my kneecaps. i need to find a way to somehow extend this because it makes my quads look very unbalanced. any advice would be helpful. i’ll see about posting a picture of my legs so you guys can see what i mean if you don’t understand.

Chrismcl, you can’t change the insertion points of your vastus lateralis. What you’ve got is what you’ve got and you have to work with that. Some guys have what you’re looking for and others don’t. However, that doesnt mean you can’t still have some crazy wheels. Flex Wheeler is a good example of someone having a high insertion point on the vastus, and his legs are still awesome.

Just squat and get em big. The rest will take care of itself.

You could do movements that focus on the lower quads. Maybe one-and-a-quarter squats, which have you spending more time in the bottom position.

one thing that i was thinking of doing was doing squats with a stance a little bit less than shoulder-width apart. i’m thinking of doing this in hopes that it would bring the outer quads into the workout more. any thoughts on this?

some people say it works, but is largely anecdotal. As Arnie said you cant sculpt a pebble. Just do what you can to get 'em huuuge, then worry about the details…
says the guy with skinny legs, hahaha

I’ve heard that if you posistion your kness in a bit on a leg extension you can get the outer quads a bit more. Sounds possibly dangerous for you knees though. I have the same set up… why do you have a problem with it? I think it looks fine. Both sides are equally as large just that the outer quads have a higher insertion… no big deal. Make it all bigger and you’ll look like an animal either way.