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Quad Injection Pain 24-50 Hours After Injection. Experiences?

If you stick to the upper outside quadrant of the glute which is the ideal gluteal IM area, I don’t believe you are at risk for hitting the sciatic. Maybe if you have a really long needle you could but even then I would think your relatively safe if you stuck to that area.

How many days did it take for your pain to go away? I’m experiencing the exact same thing. Just started TRT and received my first 200mg 1ml shot in office. The nurse injected into the top middle of my quad. Leg feels swollen, cant bend my knee without a lot of pain, limping around…


Started about Feb 13th. Still very painful, and tough to walk and bend it. It’s a little swollen around my knee now. Pain is right top of quad, I have a very big black/blue bruise on the back of my thigh (doesn’t hurt), that showed up 2 days ago. I have tried RICE (Rest Ice Compression Elevation) every couple hours every day (got an ice pack on now). Has helped slightly. Biggest help for me is getting up every couple of hours and walking, maybe trying a flight of stairs to keep up mobility.

Hope yours isn’t this gman - it is a bitch!.

Pain can go for a good four or more days when doing initial injections but the pain shouldn’t be crippling. It can feel like a pretty bad bruise.