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Quad Injection: Does the Test Absorb too Fast?

Did my first at-home injection today into my quad. My other injections, done by doctor, have been glute.

My question is this: does the test injected into the quad get used up faster because that muscle is used all the time (walking, etc) and the test squeezes out faster (as muscle is contracted a lot)?

Sorry if this is a dumb question in advance.

It doesn’t matter as long as you’re hitting muscle whether it be in the shoulders or quads.

Actually, you have different absorption… some studies have proved that you have more absorption in the butt! Delts, you get much less absorption and quads is less than butt.
The release time of drug depends on the ester, so don’t worry about it, but the site you chose to inject, it will result in more absorption of the drug… I saw it in pubmed, I just don’t have time right now to search it again, but that was the literature. The butt is the best place to inject!

Thiago is correct in stating that muscles have differing absorption rates based on the amount of blood flow occuring locally. The study I’ve attached indicates that the delt has a greater blood flow (and therefore faster absoption rate) than the glute.

The real question is does it matter? I would argue that it does not matter especially if you’re concern is having your T absorbed ‘too fast’ since you body still needs to de-ester the T before it can be used.

Any IM or subq is 100% absorbed. The only variable is rate of absorption. Injecting into gluts is a bad idea as there are major blood vessels and nerves and careful mapping [site selection] is required. Asking someone to do this is bad. You cannot really see what you are doing and viewing with a mirror presents its own problems.

I suggest subq twice a week to provide steadier T levels allow for proper E2 management with anastrozole at times of T injections. Anastrozole is competitive with T and needs to match serum T levels.

Smoother T delivery helps mange T–>E2 by avoiding peaks in that conversion. Avoiding T peaks also can be helpful for guys who have TRT induced blood thickening. Smoother T levels may also be better for mood support for some guys.

Injected T is testosterone+ester_group that allows the T+ester to dissolve in oil. Injected oil slowly absorbs and then ester groups are removed yielding [bio-identical T] which is a time release T delivery.