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Quad Injection Advice?

Good morning can anyone please give me advice on quad injection. Have been doing delts and glutes for years. What size pin have u tried , the most oil u can or ever injected , anything and advice is greatly appreciated!!!

I never liked doing it, it was always completely painless while injecting, but usually within 12 hours It would become red and extremely sore. Felt like terrible, terrible DOMS.

With that said, I would sit down, with my knee bent at about a 45 degree angle, foot flat on the floor, and push my heel into the floor very lightly. This would keep the quad loose and prevent it from tensing up. Try to find a point mid way between the hip and knee, and about 30-45 degrees outboard from the midline of your thigh. That was always a good injection point for me to keep from hitting nerves or being painful. I always used a 1" 25g needle to inject 1.6mL of oil. maybe a smaller gauge, shorter needle, or less volume would’ve helped me? I am not willing to try it again, I will “overpin” my glutes before going back to my quads. For some reason my quads always reacted terribly to the carrier oil I guess.

Yeah, don’t do them. Glutes are superior. Delts are great for smaller volume and they’re all I do now.

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How often do you consider overpinning? I have a cycle coming up where I will need to pin(primo) 3ml 2x per week and then another(deca) 2ml 2x per week and another(test cyp) 2ml 2x per week? Was gonna do the primo and deca in the glutes and test in the quad.

Sorry for the highjack OP.

When I first started I would get PIP in lateral quads, I very rarely do now. I use a 29 gauge 1/2". I sit on the toilet to unload the quads, pinch a little skin, quick poke, and then release the skin and guide into the muscle. No issues at all. Typically 0.5 mg but I’ve done .75 without issue. Anything more I inject into the glutes. I rotate six sites so it keeps the volume down on all areas, less repetitive trauma.

Idk, but I was pinning 1.6 mL EOD for about 100 days and I hated it, but I’ll do that again before pinning quads once

I inject up to .5cc with a 29 gauge 1/2” insulin pin right in the biggest, thickest part of my vastus lateralis with no problems. It’s one of many sites I rotate through. I sit in a chair, leg straight out in front of me, relaxed. Then, I flex my quads like I’m doing a leg extension, to find the largest point of my vastus lateralis. The thickest part of your vastus lateralis is a little lower than the “halfway between your hip and knee” that is often described. I then relax the muscle, leg still straight, and pin. I inject slowly, to minimize tissue trauma.

I barely feel it and get very little PIP in the days following.

Yeah, i did 3ml OED for 12 weeks and it sucked after a while. Everything other than test that I have pinned to my quads always hurts like hell for days. Prob gonna have to do 5ml (split 3ml and 2ml) a week in the glutes for this upcoming one I guess and do the 1ml in each quad.

Thanks for ur response I have some thinking to do . As far as the pain afterwards do u think it might have been gear related? I have been in the game for a lot of years , and to be honest I have injected into my glutes and have experience the same sides at times . For instance last month hit my glute and two days later had a VERY PAINFUL lump where I injected, I felt sick , achy and just wanted to sleep , it effected my eating and training as well , this went on for over a week . This is not the first time this has happened, either I hit something or the gear was off .seriously it was terrible!!! Actually skipped my shots the rest of the week… thoughts???

It could be in your case, but I know it was not in mine. I was using the same type of syringes and even used the same vial that I had been pinning in my glutes with no issue to pin my quads. It was something about the injection/injection site.

I wasn’t getting lumps. I got a huge hot red circle about 10" diameter around the injection site 3 times in a row (even though I was switching legs). It did not affect my eating but it greatly impacted my training and my ability to walk.

The only real difference I can think of, in my case, is that I was only using 1" needles in my glutes so maybe it wasn’t going deep enough to hit the muscle? I don’t have a fat ass necessarily, but obviously I have more fat there than on my quads.

Thank u for ur reply everything u r saying makes complete sense. I personally know a few guys who pin there quads and never have an issue, they were the ones who suggested I should start hitting my leg. I just thought it was best to throw it out to a bunch of people and see what there experience was. Thanks stay well

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I prefer quads, (but the other guys here are right and glutes are the right way to do it) the only time ive had pip is from ugl gear the worst was 300mg ugl test E and it was pretty bad. Like nearly limping bad.

The most im pinning now is 1ml pharma stuff and no pip. Im on trt and its expensive so i switched to low dead space 25g needle’s. They are more expensive and a better brand. To my surprise there’s also a huge difference with them, dont feel a thing

In summary from my experience a lot of the pip issue is from the gear itself. I know some particular substances and the high concentration stuff is well known for pip

What’s the consensus on the amount of oil injected in the quad? Is 2ml once per week to much? Ive never done more than 1ml per week.

I suspect its highly individual and partly down to quad size. I don’t have big quads and ive done 3ml a week (split in 2) without issue with pharma grade.
If going ugl lab again. Id start out with 0.5 max see how i got on with the substance

Yeah i’ve got 4 shots per week i need to do. 2 at 3ml and 2 at 2ml. Gonna start this morning all in the glutes to see how the PIP is. Hopefully will be able do the 2ml shots in the quads. Would be test and deca. Last time i pinned test/mast in the quads it hurt for 3 or 4 days. We will see i guess.