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Quad/Ham Dominance In Squats


Ok, dumb noob question here.

Whenever I squat (one legged, bulgarian split, front squat, back squat etc) or do any lower body excersices I always feel in in my hamstrings and glutes much more so than my quads, especially the day after.

I am 185 cm/6 feet 1 inches and do set my feet apart a little more than shoulder width to accomodate my long legs and relatively short torso and go past parallel if not full ATG when I squat.

Ok question: Would you call this glute/ham dominence when squatting or is it just the placement of my feet when I squat ?



Your posterior chain is supposed to do most of the work, so this is pretty normal. The front squat and single leg lifts that place more emphasis on the quads are a little different.


This is a normal and good thing. IF, IF, if you'd like to hit the quads more, just use a narrower stance, or use front squats.


If you're looking for quad development, lunge. Squats, for all their glory, don't really hit the quads as hard as people think.


But if you front squat with OL shoes, be prepared for some nice quads, especially tear drops!