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Quad exercises to drive up squat weights

Hey gang. Are there particular QUAD exercises people have found to be good for driving up squat weights? My posterior chain is stronger than my quads (I deadlift 60-70 pounds more than I squat), so I’m not looking for box-squat or reverse-hyper suggestions. I already do those things. I’m looking for exercises to incorporate into a quad-dominant workout that will help drive up my squat weights. Thanks.

This might not be a quad dominant movement, but nonetheless it will improve your squat. Take about half of your 1 rep max, go all the way down and try and jump about 6 or 7 inches. Just try to explode off the bottom. Repeat this 6 times then on the last one go all the wayup and rack the bar. Rest only 1 minute and do 6 sets of these at the end of your normal squat or leg workout. I added 45 pounds to my squat in about 2 months since I started these, and my progress was stagnant for about 6 months. I also deadlift way more than I squat. Some people are just built for certain lifts.

Front squats.

Check out last weeks article on hip squats.I followed the programme described in the article and it really does target your quads.Its a good assistance exercise for the squat.

Gotta agree with Horace. My deadlift has always been stronger than my squat, but focusing more on posterior chain exercises (glute-ham raises in particular) has helped anyway. Simply because one lift is stronger than another doesn’t necessarily mean that your quads are weaker than your hams/glutes. It could be any number of things, the most likely being your bone lengths (and therefore leverage points). Still, if you want a good quad-specific movement that will translate into a better squat, I’d recommend doing squats . . . the Ian King way. (I.e. starting with pelvis rotated forward, bending the knees before the hips, etc.) You will use a lot less weight than normal, but when you switch back to regular squats you’ll feel much stronger.

Try real hack squats or front squats. I also like heavy step-ups.

It’s normal for somebody to deadlift more than they squat if it’s raw. If you think your quads are bad I say do front squats. They work the quads more than back squats.

Front squats with my heels elevated. Nothing seems to rip apart my quads as much. I also make sure that I basically sit on my ankles at the bottom. It also does not take much weight to use front squats effectively.

I forgot to add that I keep my stance narrow (within the shoulders) and don’t elevate my feet more than a 10lb plate. A wedge made from a 2x4 is what I have seen Poloquin recommend but I have not done that yet.

It’s not uncommon to deadlift 60-70 more lbs. thatn you squat. How do you deadlift? How do you squat? How are you built?

high bar olympic back squats done ass to ground in pause fashion, 1 1/3 style or heels elevated. I would say front squats but you might find flexibility and or technique to be a limiting factor rather then strength. My favorite test of quad strength is bottom position front squats…That is set a bar down in what will be your lowest position at the bottom of your squat then climb under and wedge yourself in and try to pick it up in front squat position!! Develops tremendous strength out of the hole…you can do it with back squats too but it’s more difficult with that version because the bar will tend to want to roll and/or pitch you forward.

I’ve never done hacklifts but it looks like they’d work the quads really well.