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Quad Activation

I switched to pretty wide squats and have been doing them for a long time now, due to poor programming. I used to cycle a lot and my quads responded really well. Now I can’t get my quads to do anything. When I squat now, narrow or wide I don’t feel my quads working, at all. I do feel my glutes on fire the whole time and my core, but not my quads.

Any ideas on getting that quad activation back? I don’t really want to start cycling for it because my bulk is going really well…

You trying to bodybuild? If not, take the gear off. You will be fine.


No gear used, just a belt. And not trying to BB.

Throw some front squats into your mix.

Oly squats too. Oly squats with heels on a 45. Leg press with low and narrow foot placement. Short stride lunges. High box squats to some degree. Maybe even some leg extensions as a learning tool to help your body remember what it’s like to for your quads to fire.

Thanks, I’ll give this a try

try a high box, you’ll not able to use so much posterior chain. If you don’t fire the quads you don’t get the lift.

I cycle too so could it be that since we use so much quad peddling maybe the squats aren’t felt like a ‘normal’ person would.
I don’t really feel it in my quads all that much till I get heavy. ie 95+ %

Do a D.C. widowmaker…I GUARANTEE you’ll feel those.