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Quad Accessory Advice?

My main weaknesses on the squat and deadlift are as follows:
Squat: have trouble staying upright
Deadlift: weak off the floor and trouble keeping hips down
If I’m not mistaken this is likley a quad weakness. What exercises should I do? I’ve basically been doing front squats or paused front squats after my workout so far. Thanks!

Could be weak quads, could be poor technique, could be that leaning forward is appropriate for your leverages.

Post a video of some singles. One with lightish weight (60-70%) and one heavy (85-90%)


Other than squatting with a weight/rep scheme that allows you to maintain proper technique, SSB squats, high bar pause squats, and other quad-focused accessory exercises like leg press, hack squat, Bulgarian split squats will help.

Do you deadlift conventional or sumo? Sumo is always weak off the floor and conventional can be as well if you pull with a flat back. Guys who get stuck at lockout almost always do so because they can’t un-round their backs. Deficit deadlifts can help, especially for conventional, also deadlifts paused just off the floor. Stronger quads will help too.

For the rising hips thing, look up an article on EliteFTS titled “Build Your Deadlift with the Deadlift Plus Deadlift Below the Knee”, it’s in the exercise index. I tried this after reading the article (I have the same issue with heavier weights) and it helped a little bit, but I was doing in a more submaximal fashion like 4 sets of 5 reps and far from failure. I later saw this exercise on Kabuki Movement Systems, they called no-touch touch and go deadlift and said to do it for sets of 6-8. I tried it like that and it seemed to make a big difference, if you let your hips get out of position during this it will be way harder so it really teaches you to maintain tension in the right places. Don’t be afraid to go light, like 60% of your max to start.


Thanks. I pull conventional with a pretty straight back btw

This is the only vid I have right now. It was a deadlift PR attempt around 95%

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Nothing wrong with that deadlift. How fast do you expect 95% to move?

Thanks. I think I might have form breakdown with higher rep sets. Ill try to get a vid sometime soon.

Hey man, where have you been? I was starting to miss you.

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Just sounds like fatigue. High rep deadlifts will do that.

Anyway, the only minor thing Id say is you get a small amount of rounding in your lower back. Otherwise it looked like a warm up, not 95%

Any advice to prevent lower back rounding other than bracing?

That’s what you want to avoid, or at least minimize. Your 95% single looked fine, as @jbackos said. The only issue is that I see your back just slightly rounded, but if you are pulling 90%+ conventional then it is expected. Just work on bracing.

As far as weak points and technical errors, you should be concerned with the technical errors that you make when you pull 90%+ rather than light high rep sets, those will always break down if you push them close to failure. I see your hips went up slightly, but that looks like it’s because you set up with your hips low and you don’t get enough tension in your hamstrings until that point. Either set your hips higher or accept that they will rise, it’s not like it turns into a stiff leg deadlift or anything.

That’s the main thing, but RDLs, SLDLs, GMs, back extensions, and barbell rows for higher reps and without touching the floor will help too. Absolutely do not let your back round on any of those.

Any advice for bracing? I have been trying to just take in a big breath and push my stomach out and they flex my abs. It can sometimes be hard on squats with a heavy weight on my back and sometimes hard to get a big breath at all when Im focusing on pushing my stomach out.

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This video should have the answer:

Chris Duffin also has several video addressing this. Watch the other JTS videos on the squat, bench, and deadlift, I’m sure you will learn something.

I like bracing before I drop into position, Breathe into the stomach and push out against the belt just before you initiate the pull. BTW, 95% without a belt is not a good idea for most people.

The belt does more than allow for bracing. By increasing the hoop strength of the abdominal muscles, it allows heavier weight to be used thereby increasing the training effect. Lets stop the raw nazi crap. Besides, if you pull a max without the belt your risk goes up exponentially and is not worth it in the long run.

For reps with 70-80% beltless is fine. Once you hit 90% and higher the game changes and the return on investment of beltless lifting is not worth the risk IMO.


I don’t have a belt. Im only 15 and have been powerlifting for less than a year and my deadlift max is 280. Im not really sure if dropping over $100 for a belt is worth it.

Not to be a prick but what’s cheaper - a $100.00 belt or a lifetime of bullshit because of a back injury trying to be KK and doing 95% singles beltless?

At your age and development level you should be working on technical proficiency, and mass/strength protocols. The wider the base the higher the pyramid. Do that right for 5 years and your back will thank you for a lifetime.

thanks. Ill look into it. I used a belt a few times and I found it makes it harder to take in a big breath because I can’t push out my stomach the same way.

The belt might have been too tight. There is learning involved