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QT's Fourth: Kill Bill

Hey, the more I watch this trailer, the more I like it. No annoying voice overs, just pure kewl music and action: www.apple.com/trailers/ miramax/kill_bill/ (space at “/” and “miramax”)

I'm starting to think that 2003 will be the year that put "fun" back into the movies. The Matrix sequels, LoTR: Return of the King, The Hulk, Daredevil and this movie, "Kill Bill". Enjoy!

I have to agree that this year is going to be a good one for movies. Can’t wait for the matrix sequels or LoTR, among some others. :slight_smile:

Having only heard about the Hulk movie from a friend, I am abit frightened to see what it’ll look like. Ive never been a fan of computer animation in movies, unless the whole movie is computer animated. Kill Bill looks different thats for sure :slight_smile:

“The Hulk” will have a sneak peak during Super Bowl. Just a FYI.

Looks different? Cough cough Crouching Cough Tiger Cough Cough. Yellow puma jump suit? Cough Bruce Lee Cough Cough. The old man with long beard that jumps on Unas sword? A Cough bride with white Cough hair Cough Cough. With all coughed,said and done I enjoy Tarantinos films but the man is a king or rip-offs. Good thing is that he knows to steal the good stuf

“If you gonna steal, steal well”
stealing MBE’ endings since 2003

That’s the WHOLE point of the movie. But it ain’t a rip off of Crouching Tiger. Crouching Tiger was basically Ang Lee’s homage to the old school kung fu movies. Waaaaay before Bruce Lee, there were quite a few Chinese/Hong Kong flicks that were “mystical” in tone. You know, colorful zaps eminating from character’s hands, etc.

"Kill Bill" is QT's homage to old Shaw Brother films ( the ones I grew up watching *sigh*), Asian cinema in general, Bruce Lee (yellow jumpsuit from Game of Death), Sonny Chiba (that's him looking at the sword), David Carradine aka, "Kung Fu", bloody; ultra violent; explotative B-movies. Now, some will say "homage" is a fancy dancy way of saying "stole". Ah, but I care to differ here, QT has a way of making a homage very unique. Take a look at Resevoir Dogs. The opening scene is taken right from The Thomas Crown Affair (the original version w/Steve McQueen). However, the characters, the lines - all uniquely QT. Which is why I'm excited about this, Kill Bill

QT had said that he wanted to go back to something similar in tone to Resevoir. And since that's my fave QT flick - I can't wait! Just remember folks this was a "teaser trailer". Just a peak. The film ain't due to hit theaters until October.

The above…“to krazzyk” was from me: Patricia. Didn’t want to be rude.

I think that by now most people know Crouching Tiger is paying homage to the old school Kung Fu films. I agree with you about QT, I was just pointing out where few things from the trailor came from. I forgot about David Carradine. (that was funny) As far as homage or stealing thing goes I don’t have a problem with it if its done well and is out in the open.
After all everyone uses close-ups, transitions etc

btw nice article (real pips real muscle)
keep up the good work.

I forgot to mention earlier, the only animated thing in The Hulk should be the main character ( I forget the name now) and only when he “turns green” ( there might be some other animated things but not many)

Haha. Now that I look at it, you cant tell at all that I was trying to be sarcastic. I hate Uma Therman…

Hadn’t been that excited to see QT’s new opus–Jackie Brown didn’t do it for me, even though I like Elmore Leonard.

But now? I have to see it. Have to.

krazzyk: no prob! And thanks!

Regarding The Hulk. The Hulk will be completely CGI. And there will be a Hulk action figure out (if not out already) soon. It's based on the movie version. And yes, it looks impressive. But again, we'll be catching the sneak peak come Super Bowl.

Maybe I’m the only one, but I’m jacked about X2. Seeing as Beast was one of my favorites, that should be really cool. Now, if they would do Archangel, that would kick ass!