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QtoBill Roberts Re:Mag10 Dieting

I have been following your mag 10 diet recomendations @ 8 cal per lb of LBM with P+C before and after training and the rest of the meals P+F with 6 G of EPA daily (no other fat) Basically P+C pre and postworkout, P+F is just lean meat(chicken, tuna, turkey, sirloin) and veggies no added fat, except 1 of the meals contaings a can of salmon. Here is my Diet 180 * 8 cal = 1440cal 180 g of protein (720 cals) Carbs total intake daily (100G) (400cals) Fat 36 g ( 320 cals). How much cardio should be done using this very low cal approach? Should interval training be avoided due to such low cals? I am also using T2 old + Md6. My strength is staying the same neither up or down, but I look very flat and stringy, with added water retention it appears that mag 10 is causing me to smooth out. Its frusturating because I am dieting for a show. Usually I harden up nicely when dieting, following a Beverly International approach. I thought the mag 10 would accelerate fat loss but it hasn’t. I see no different dieting this way. Any advice?

Well, you didn’t mention how fast you’re losing fat, so it’s hard to say how well you’re doing, but at 1440 calories (8 calories per lb LBM per day) it’s hard to
see how you could not be losing fat rapidly,
especially with cardio, since the caloric
deficit must be large.

I’d stick with the amount of cardio that
has worked well for you in the past. The diet
and the MAG-10 should not reduce that.

Your strength staying up is a very good thing.
Being flat wouldn’t concern me, since your strength is staying up: this can come up with more carbs once you’ve lost the fat. I wouldn’t worry about seeming to have some water retention. Even if you were bloated as a whale with water for months before a show,
it doesn’t matter at all… the only thing that matters is how you are at the show. (I’ve always been puzzled by those using diuretics to try to keep water weight off while dieting for a show – it’s not important – what’s important is keeping the muscle and losing the fat.)

If there’s another fat loss approach you
prefer, you can certainly switch to it – it’s not as if MAG-10 mandates a certain approach.

I’m glad your strength is staying up, since this implies your muscle mass is being well or even entirely retained despite the fairly severe dieting.

Best of luck at the show! :slight_smile:

I have lost only at about 1 lb per week even at 8 calories per lb, I think my body has adjusted and learned the diet? Should I up calories for a couple of days or drop calories? I am using T2 so I figured my metabolism would stay up. I have been doing cardio 3 times per week, 45 min hikes in the morning , and 2 days a week of sprints, stadiums, and 1 day aweek of interval jumprope. Do you think I’m doing to much cardio? I’m stuck at 10%

It is hard to measure bodyfat very accurately.
Perhaps there is an error in your measurement.

If only one pound of fat is being lost, and muscle isn’t being lost, this represents only a 3600 (or is it 3500) calorie deficit for the week.

At 8 cal/lb LBM, compared to what your normal metabolism probably is that’s a deficit of 7 cal/lb LBM, or in your case 1260 cal/day or 8820 calories per week. That should be at 2.5 lbs of fat per week, or more really with cardio and T2. Since your strength is staying up it doesn’t sound as if muscle is being lost, and even if some were that would account for few calories.

Hopefully, you’re losing fat faster than you think. Other than that, I don’t know what to say.

I don’t think you’re doing an amount of cardio that would be counterproductive to fat loss at all.

I certainly hope you’re pleasantly surprised with results with a little more time! You should be losing fat rapidly with the protocol you have.

I once had this quelm with Bill as well. He helped me set up my whole diet. After a few weeks I *thought I saw nothing. He told me I am losing weight OR eating more than I think. I stopped being a bitch and followed the plan for about 4 months. I Dropped from 270lbm 22%BF down to 7%BF at 210lbs. The thing I learned it is consistancy. The fact is the law of thermodynamics says you HAVE to be losing BF.

Hey Jesse, have you been able to keep the weight off?

Yes, I have at times bumped up to a fuller stronger 230-but I prefer to stay lean.

Sorry, I posted earlier but it never made it up?! Yes, I am always lean now and prefer it that way. Sometimes if I don’t watch it I will go up to 235lbs (thanks mostly to water-but at 235 I am bigger and MUCH stronger. I do try to keep it at around 220lbs @ 7%BF.