QtoBill,Re: Fat FAST

I am planning on doing the fat fast with mag 10 and T2+MD6. What changes would you make to the diet? I know you recommend only dieting for 2 weeks at a time. How would you bring calories up to maintenance when following the fat fast for the other two weeks?STay with keto food, or switch the diet a little? What about post workout would you consume surge postworkout or keep the low carb grow + flax?

It may be that there are ways to optimize
results, in terms of what the diet is during maintenance weeks, but if so I don’t know them. I’d just do whatever plan you like and
which you are confident is not in excess of maintenance calories.

One of the great things about John Berardi’s
Massive Eating plan is that being constrained (for the most part, I think you can have exceptions particularly in the middle of the day) to only P+C or P+F meals tends to limit the opportunity for pigging out.