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QSS/Scapula Nerve Pain for 2+ Years


Hi all -

Going on almost year three of chronic left scapula issues (atrophy, not firing, daily BURNING/ tough pain). I just had QSS surgery recently and was wondering if anyone has battled this. I’ve had diagnoses ranging from Parsonage-Turner to a Brachial stretch to torn lat to even more …

Here are some pictures. Anything new I’m not seeing or thinking of? Interestingly, one Dr. (well versed in scapula detachment from the rhomboid) told me that he thinks I have an issue with my lat. See the pictures below to see how the scapula doesn’t engage the lat. SEE COMPARISON PHOTOS

Daily pain. Every day. Have also had long thoracic nerve decompression. Clean diet/ train 6+ week/ but very low testosterone/ thyroid issues. I am looking for any relief or help - I have done ART/ Chiro/ accupuncture/ PT …