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Q's w/ Parabolan

First post from a long time lurker. I have done quiet a bit of google searches as well as research on T-Nation, but I feel as though I don’t know enough to start using this particular supplement. I’m looking to use it for a cut cycle, I have access to almost anything. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Age-29 male
Training History- 12 years (3 years with various cycles/downtime((deca/test/tbol, eq/test/var)
Stats- 5’10, 210lbs, 15% body fat(looking to drop to 8-10%)
Lifestyle - Clean living mostly(GF influence is a bitch though), vegetables, meats are lean…chicken/beef, vitamins. Cardio is being upped after bulk cycle.
PCT- usually nolva/clomid (can get aro)

I have read many posts saying Parabolan is a joke, rip off, or just a different version of tren A or enth. I trust my guy pretty well, long history. This is my first cut cycle, so with bulking I have no questions. Cutting… Im a damn idiot I think.

My main questions are

  1. What would stack well with Para with dosage? (of course Test, I was thinking Prop from other posts. Var would be thrown in, not winny because I may be prone enough to hair loss and tren thins hair. No Gyno though)
  2. What would be the best dose? (228mg per week was mentioned a lot, I was wondering what others personal experience might be)
  3. Duration of the cut cycle. ( I know some people go hardcore and do one month cuts, and some do 2 month cuts)

I’m just looking for safety, no tren dick(gf would rage) and cutting. Again I would appreciate any input I would receive. I will also add any information relevant to helping answering question.

(And I hope Bone doesn’t fuck me up to hard, brutal bastard he is! Love it though)


You provided plenty of relevant info, put some thought into your plan and have a few questions about a rarely used preparation of a certain drug. Nothing to criticize on those fronts.

Id really only recommend parabolan if you get it cheaper than another form of trenbolone, which I doubt you are. And even so, Id recommend tren a as you have no experience with tren and any side effects you get would clear faster with the shorter ester.

As far as doses go, you can figure that out. There are many people that run a replacement dose of test then add tren on top. Do a search for test tren cycles and youll find plenty of examples.

Stacking? For your goal, I dont think you need anything more than tren and testosterone. You probably wouldnt even notice the var

Length of cycle? I dont recommend anything longer than 8 week cycles. Id say a good plan is to begin the diet, then, as the fat loss is moving for a few weeks add in the AAS. I dont think its a good idea to try to diet from 15% to 10% in 4 weeks. 8 weeks? maybe, but why rush it? Diet for a month, then start the AAS. Youll likely gain some muscle in the process, further improving body composition.

Thank you very much for your reply Bonez. It was the one I was really hoping to read.

Unfortunately no, the para is more expensive. But not very much so. From A to para, about 40 bucks. From e250 about 20. I was trying to do the whole “quality” thing for the first go of it. Paranoia is my strong suit when it comes to things of this nature.

I will definitely check the other tren stacks and try to formulate a decent plan with just the para/test. I’ll put it up on here so hopefully it will help someone with a similar question. But I was shocked that the Var wouldn’t help much. But if it does end up shaving the butchers bill I’ll avoid it and work it in with another cycle.

I’m definitely going to take your advice on the 2 month duration, the way you put it makes much more sense than putting my body through just a huge change. I’m actually excited to try this out, but I don’t want to over do it. Plus this is for the next cycle, I’m going to take 3 months off to try and clean out my system. Pretty much what I do after every bulk phase. Does that seem like too long?

Well if quality is an issue, choose the higher quality stuff. No debate there, IMO.

Var is a nice drug. If you want to add it in at 80+mg/d that’s fine. But in the presence of tren I dont think the cost/benefit ratio is justifiable. If you want something to use as a bridge to PCT as the parabolan and testosterone esters clear, that’s a good plan. Id recommend 100mg/d, 80 at the least.