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Q's on My First Cycle


Hello everyone this site is awesome, i learned so much here, but there is so many opinions on first cycles but after reading i think i came up with a plan, Please feel free to comment and criticize my cycle, any opinions will be greatly appreciated,

Im 31yo male, 205lbs,thick bodied large frame, body fat last checked was about 15% been training about 5 yrs, sometimes stress gets me and i take a break for two months three months max, due to Nursing school LOL, but otherwise hardness and pump comes fairly quick and the stomach fat start burning when i get back to my routine,
my diet is avg 3,500cals high protein min 200g, lean meats, high fiber most of my carbs, keep my carbs avg 55mg, i wanna boost the protein at least another 100g, my cals 1,500-2000cals, when i start my cycle,

mon bi's tri's
tue 15-20 min cardio + abs
wed chest back
thur off
fri traps shoulders abs
sat cardio
sun off

my cycle im planning on is a test cycle test enanthate, i wanna start it this yr maybe next i just want to have supplies on hand because my source doesn't want to be a source any more, and this will give me time to find a new source,
wk 1-10 test e 250mg IM x2 week (500mg wk)
wk 3-10 HCG 250IU SQ x2 wk
wk 12-13 nolvadex 40mg PO ed
wk 14 nolvadex 20mg PO ed

any tweeking needed? does the HCG look okay in there, or should i run nolvadex the whole cycle of test? sorry i just read too much and there is so many opinions out there just trying to filter them and choose one that will suite me, i once ran deca at 350mg/wk x 10wks about 3 yrs ago it was more of a peer pressure thing, haha everyone was doing it, no sides besides minimal bloat never stopped eating i was always hungry but, strength and pump was nice, last yr i tried PP TrenLV stuff shot my strenght thru the roof and made me hard, i followed with there PCT stack No sides noted,
thanks for all your help


run a 4 week pct

also run adex .25mg-.5mg eod


agreed, otherwise looks fine.


Okay PCT switche, Thanks guys, I asked my source bout ADEX he does not have it, is it worth the risk or? I do have proviron, but im look for ADEX right now thanks for the input


get it in liquid as a "research chemical".


also train your legs


The fact that you dont train your legs makes this thread a complete joke.


cool thanks for the info guys, i havent replied due to work, but yea i agree with the leg workouts, i will incorporate that, adex .25mg-.5mg eod is that during cycle?




work the shit outta your legs bro, don't be "that" guy.