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Qs for Trump Supporters


Where are the majority of solar panels manufactured?

Maybe the US should force the issue. Maybe we should cut off our purchasing of foreign oil starting with our largest supplier first.

That would get the ball rolling in the right direction, wouldn’t it?


It SHOULD go both ways, yes. But the vastly more important path is for the science community. Politics is a dirty game and it is unrealistic to expect them to respect that–even though they should. They haven’t for a millenia, I don’t hold out hope they suddenly start.

Regardless it does not alleviate the responsibility of scientists and the scientific community at large because other asshats don’t play ball. That is still unacceptable.


Forgot to bring this up. Are “alternate facts” acceptable from a president or his staff?

They wouldnt have a civil war if the USA hadn’t been destabilizing it for all these years.

Even if the USA is, is that really an accomplishment? Where do you think the USA stands against any European country? Canada? Australia?

I think the process should be started. There are already countries using 100% renewable energy and several more working towards that goal.

Why do you think that the USA is/was in the Middle East? The people running the USA don’t have to import the oil to profit from it.


You don’t think there is any effort in the US for renewable energies? I’m not sure what you mean by “started”. We have been using renewables for a long time.

Doesn’t answer the question. You said it was simple, convert to renewables. I wanted to clarify if you believe the US could actually do that today.


Oil/coal isn’t helping anybody.

And I would force the issue. I would pull out of the Middle East and let Nato or the Middle East sort out their own affairs.

I would limit oil consumption and let/encourage oil prices to skyrocket and the market would sort itself out.

Electric cars would become much more popular and therefore the technology around them would advance radically.

It is quite clear the only reason anything gets done on this planet is for money.


Well, some assholes used a couple of planes to kill a few thousand American’s… As far as Iraq goes, I’m not interested in going down that road. Suffice it to say, there are numerous reasons you can point to as to why we went to Iraq that had nothing to do with oil.

How are they profiting from Iraqi oil post-Saddam Hussein then? Remember, we will spend over $2T on the war in Iraq alone.


Of course not, read next post.

Ish, 13% is hardly even an effort. That’s like me saying I started working out 3 months ago because I started parking the car further away from walmart.



These tiny places:


This is revisionist. Not 1 Hijacker was from Iraq. Remember going to Iraq for WMD and finding nothing? And the US is still there.

Taxpayers will spend that. The weapons manufacturers will make that.


So we have started then.

Actually it helps a lot of people. Every day. Noticaebly on their drive to work.

How would you do this? Control consumers?

Based on this statement I don’t think you have any understanding of what you’re talking about. Crashing the economy by forcing consumers to behave in a specific way… sounds like Venezuela.

What non-capitalistic system do you believe would do better than what the USA has been able to accomplish?


No, it isn’t because I didn’t claim any of the hijackers were from Iraq…

That has what to do with oil?


It’s helping a whole lot of people pay their bills.

We’re a part of NATO…


Alternative facts ok?

Thoughts on Betsy Devos?

Oil is putting a radioactive bandaid on a cut. Sure it stops the bleeding but you are also poisoning yourself.

What ever reason you think we are in Iraq fine. And if you ok with the renewable energy effort then ok too.




Huffington post, really? How do you explain veterans being treated for exposure to chemical weapons in Iraq?


It is simply absurd to believe there aren’t companies in the US working their hardest to pivot to renewable energy. Especially oil companies that want to be ahead of the curb. If money drives this planet, especially the US, then someone out there is trying to get rich off renewable sources. But it often involves new technologies, or combining older ones in ways we have never done before like Molten Salt.


Then it also has to be economically feasible to reproduce. Cause margins.


Ya, I’m sorta confused myself…:


Too difficult to explain to people who are patently ignorant in government infrastructure and then trying to relate that to the politics they follow and don’t correctly understand in the first place.
Implement the corporate news who then interpret it into deranged deception and the result is misunderstanding that motivates claims like yours the post is based on.

The simplest way to explain it is your state and local government has been federalized which means even at the smallest level of a village, township or municipal government, these locals must conform to federal standards.
This is the foundation for autocracy and a dictatorship which Obama worked diligently to implement for 8 years straight.

As someone very familiar with Donald Trump, who several years ago I disliked, I have read legal documents he authored and filed with the court in opposition to the department of justice and this is a very intelligent man. This is a man that plays possum in the media and just baits people left and right. Based on his first executive orders which are aggressive measures to DEFEDERALIZE our state government, he’s probably been planning this for 30 years. Literally 30 years with all of these actions on a list he’s going to be crossing off.

When people say what you do, there’s no other word other than ignorant in response to how you’re perceiving things. You don’t see the numerous threats made to us by China over violating airspace with Obama or the drone they captures for violating their waters. You see some absurd, Obama pandering press statements that undermine that severity of the threats China made to us.
You’re also talking about a nation that only just built it’s second carrier that we would obliterate in a war contrary to so many people brainwashed by of course, the mind control corporate media.

Everything has been federalized, which is why he repealed the Dodd-Frank act, to such a level your local franchise banks that give you a mortgage or loan you $5,000 for a car were being held to the same standards as a Wall Street investment bank lending out 25 million dollars to an existing business or a business developer to say, build a factory or expand a small chain of restaurants into a statewide franchise.

The ignorance to your post is just juvenile to be perfectly blunt.
The ban list came directly from Barack Obama and congress. Every nation on the list was genuinely written down by Barack Obama with the approval of congress. Obama implemented these bands in various formats to various countries at least 4 times from 2010 to 2016.

“Trump is threatening China” - a rather ignorant, reckless and juvenile statement about a very complex situation that was long overdue in being confronted. China isn’t even incorporated into our trade deals they have sleazed their way into our economy by becoming a member of the WTO, understanding the Geneva treaties and former presidents turning a blind eye.

“Trump has threatened to invade Mexico” - you need a huge refresher in American history and the colonialism practiced by the Spanish Empire that the Mexico continued after overthrowing them without missing a beat.
They’ve evolved and modernized colonialism and are practicing it to this day on us.

The bottom line is the average person is a low information thinker controlled by television, newspapers and magazines but even worse today because of social media and dozens of fake news sites on the internet. I’m someone that has read dozens of bills passed by congress, dozens of court transcripts and has a very good understanding of government and unfortunately, how ignorant the average U.S. American is which I was once just as guilty of too.

Currently 75% of all immigrants are on multiple welfare programs which are funded by our social security taxes and majority will never go off simply renewing the welfare contract every 3 years, living in HUD homes, applying for section 8 and applying for programs to buy those HUD homes while never even holding a job.

Illegal immigrants cost us on average an estimated 120 billion a year in unpaid taxes and job losses but this doesn’t included the business that outright go bankrupt due to the wage gashing it causes. Small construction companies routinely go under because the local competitors flipping houses hire nothing but illegals.

Finally, since I could go on for hours why your contempt and lack of insight is unfortunately and somewhat depressing, the affordable care act is the ultimate in federalization because it went so far, so over the top and outright so illegal it’s a law requiring you to purchase commercial health care. This is racketeering because there was collusion with the insurance companies and Barack Obama should be standing trial in a federal court under our RICO laws.
They created jurisdiction monopolies in favor of commercial insurance companies so nobody else can sell health insurance there even though we have a free market and laws to protect this foundation of our economy. People still naively regard Obamacare as government funded health care when this is patently false. Could not be further from the truth!

Obamacare is a law requiring you to buy commercial health insurance from a commercial business with the opportunity for it to be tax payer funded if you meet the requirements.
Of the 20 million people now insured because of it, he and Hillary outright betrayed the people by not bothering to mention millions of these people are paying out of their own pockets and I am one of them now struggling to qualify for medicaid-another fund his criminal bill leeches funds out of aside from medicare and social security.
If he weren’t 2-faced conman he would have simply expanded medicaid funding and given citizens born here precedence.

Instead immigrants naturalized qualify by default because they have no assets, no debt, no bank accounts, no permanent residence, no job etc. so in under 45 days, most within 15, they have full benefits and we’re paying for it.
I’ve been struggling for 5 months to qualify for medicaid and they have pulled a lot of disgusting, despicable tricks right down to sending me papers for my appointment 3 days after the appointment with a postmark on the envelope being the day of the appointment then after my appeal, sending the papers on Christmas Eve with a due date of December 26th.
Finally after divulging everything right down to the color of my stools, they claimed I didn’t give enough information about employment, I did not qualify and have 90 days to appeal.

I was born in this country but an illegal Mexican immigrant will get charity care and medicaid in sanctuary cities which by the way, are committing major felonies by harboring illegal aliens, housing illegal aliens, giving transport to illegal aliens and so on. I can codify the legislation for you if you’d like.

So you’re questioning why we support Donald Trump?
Because some of us actually know wtf is going on in this country!
You started the post to which I’m telling you, you are willfully ignorant, clearly biased and like everyone else in this country, think you understand the government because of the boobtube, some newspapers and other commercial resources that are selling a product for profit not performing a public service with unbiased information educating you in infrastructure.

Censoring scientists?
The father of the CO2 theory from about 100 years ago measured CO2 to be 400ppm.
Guess what CO2 is at today?
400ppm and these scientists cherry picked measurements of 280ppm from a couple decades and use that as the backbone of their arguments.

Demolishing the EPA?
Because it’s the federalization of state government and a bureaucracy.

The Department of Education?
Federalization of state and small government and worse than just a bureaucracy, all the accreditation councils are private organizations, must only be acknowledged by the DOE based on their personal credentials and careers but are not licensed, bonded(government insurance), under oath absolutely nothing. They issue accreditation only once a year, work off donations and if you do not qualify or fail to conform such as to the disaster common core, they will strip you of your accreditation.
Whether you’re a college or a small public school, odds are you will go bankrupt without your accreditation.

I read crap from people like you and just shake my head.
You are what I call a low information thinker.
You’re thinking just not intelligently.


@MoreMuscle @usmccds423
Jeez guys stop it with all the reasoning! Don’t you know public policy is all about the feelz?!!

Oil is bad stop the oil!!
Renewables are good we need 100% yesterday!!!
Money is bad!! Profits are bad!!


Especially, since the trend, if I am not mistaken is gassified coal, which converts coal into natural gas and is a clean energy.
Coal is still a viable source of energy and it can be done cleanly. There is no reason to kill the industry. It needs to be part of the patch work of energy solutions in the U.S.
If we wish to be energy independent, coal has to be apart of that solution. There is a ton of energy in coal and we have metric shit tons of it. Coal can be a clean energy if processed correctly.