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Qs for Trump Supporters


A lot like a game. Kinda slimy though, if you ask me.


And that is the very point that I was attempting to make at an earlier date. The press has a game that they play as do both parties. When you step back and realize this it gets much easier to figure out what will happen next.

For example, I have gone on record stating that the Russian/Trump connection is nothing more than a really great play by the dems with a huge assist by the media. They create the narrative that Trump is in cahoots with the Russians. Nothing about it has to be true as politics is all perception anyway. The average Joe or Jane has no time, or inclination to delve into the topic not that they, or anyone, has enough information to make a real determination anyway. What they do hear is something about Trump and the Russians and they don’t like it.

This has a really powerful affect:

  1. Lowers Trump’s poll numbers

  2. Gets a few folks in the Senate who despise Russia to speak out.

  3. Slows Trumps agenda as some of his key players are busy deflecting such attacks.

And…let’s not forget that the republicans play the game too. As I used in a prior example Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Now let’s see how many crimes was she allegedly guilty of? Chaffetz was going to investigate Hillary for how long? Gee…what happened to all that? And what about the birther game part of the right wing ran on Barack Obama? Ha…and the game continues on and on and on…

…and all of the gullible souls lap it up like so much ice cream.

It’s not only entertaining to watch “The Game” it is also entertaining to watch the suckers lap it up.


I didn’t see that Flynn did anything illegal, he just did not provide full disclosure with his bosses which would get your fired from any job, especially if relaying information is your job. If anything I think he was trying to protect the president, which was the wrong thing to do even if the intention was good.
Regardless, the Flynn resignation was not well received by the Russians and that could help Trump here.
I doubt it will put the cockamamie rumors of collusion to rest as it’s all click bait for butt-hurt liberals.


The law I keep seeing people throw around on facebook is the Logan law. Quick disclaimer, I haven’t done any research into this law so I could be totally wrong.


From what I’ve read, it has never been enforced. Good luck.


And it probably won’t ever be. I’ve said it before, laws don’t apply to politicians or celebrities.


@Basement_Gainz made a good point about this in the other thread. You don’t really want to start prosecuting the heck out of politicians. That could turn into an autocracy real quick. Celebrities shouldn’t be immune, but, money and fame go a long way.


Well I guess autocracy isn’t the correct term, it would probably be a government more of the totalitarian nature.


I don’t want to prosecute the heck out of anyone. I want to see 1 politician spend a long time in real prison (I couldn’t care less about which party). I want politicians to be afraid of breaking the law just like the rest of us


That’s fair. They should be I agree.


It feels petty of me I guess. I just want to see someone make an example out of politicians. They should wake up every day fucking terrified of making the wrong move. They hold (arguably) the most important and highest impact jobs on the fucking planet. They should feel the pressure every single day.


William Jefferson of Louisiana went away for bribery. But they had to find $90,000 of CASH in his freezer because of the hurricane before they would investigate the allegations.

Feel better? There’s your 1 person lol.


Ha I think your assessment is spot on. It’s not petty. It’s a desire for accountability. However the biggest form of accountability we have is voting their ass out.


Totally better QQ


Well said. And keeping with the thread I wonder how many of the violent anti Trump protestors actually went out to vote against him?



You good with this lifestyle by Trump?


It’s okay for him to spend so much money, he’s a Republican.


Here’s number 2:

Ironically, Louisiana again.


It’s clearly Obama’s fault. Maybe if he wasn’t a mooslem spy sent by satan himself. I bet Obama was also behind the BG massacre. Dirty socialist


Can anybody justify this?

This seems pretty dictatory.