Q's bout Mag-10?

Two quick questions

  1. Is Mag-10 avaible in Canada?
  2. About Mag-10 is it considered a steriod
  3. If I use Mag-10 would it show up on a drug test? Cause I need to do a drug screenign before I start a job. And I don’t want to sarfice anything

It would be a shame if you had to go and read the MAG-10 FAQ at T-mag. Oh well, I’ll help you anyway. I’m not scheduled to be an asshole until Wednesday.

1) Yes and no. You can buy it there though it may be kept under the counter (wink wink) in some places. You can order it online from some Canadian stores. You can order it online from the US though sometimes it can be seized if the customs dude has a bug up his ass. Call Biotest or e-mail them and see what they say. It may also depend on where exactly you live. 2) MAG-10 is a legal steroid. While reading the MAG-10 FAQ, also read the Pro-Steroid Roundtable, also at T-mag. This is explained there quite well by Brock Strasser. 3) You aren’t tested for steroids on an employee drug test so there are no worries.

No go read or Wednesday I will hunt you down and kill you. :slight_smile:

TEK covered it all there…but i make that three questions, not two :slight_smile: Just being Picky :slight_smile:


Paul Govier

Kurt it depends on where you live. ONT. and B.C. no problem. Alberta forget it. I’m in T.O. and can get it here if you know where to look. Too pricey though. Biotest and Netrition will ship to Canada. I doubt your potential employer is going to be looking for elevated T levels. Having been tested by my employer( security clearance) I was told they were looking for pot, coke, shit like that.

I live in Sask. Good old Sask. I am hoping I can get Mag-10 here. I will find a way!

Myself, as well as many other Canuks, haven’t had a problem getting Mag-10 or other similar products into Canada. My last order of 4-AD-EC arrived two days after ordering, with no customs problems. Oddly enough, I also recieved a Myostat poster in a seperate package, which was kept and opened by customs.