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Q's Animal M-Stak

I was just on the bodybuilding.com website looking at their “Dizzying array” of supplements. I stumbled upon Animal M-stak.

I was just wondering if anyone used it, and for what ages it would be appropiate for. It says it raises all “5 major anaobolic hormones” w/o f’n up the liver. Quite frankly, universal products have always seemed a little sketchy to me , especially the MULTI vitamin.

Any thoughtful help would be appreciated…

Don’t bother, I believe this was/is their methoxy stack and it’s a waste of time and money.

Buy some food instead.

Yah i definately wouldn’t take any of their stacks. I do take their Animal paks though. I would say if anything they make were legit, more than likely it would be their multi-vitamin.

I don’t know about you guys but M-stak is pretty awesome and Stak-2 is even better. A lot of the shit they make works great and I buy their stak-2, pak, and others. put on some great weight with stak-2 and you can really feel the difference. as for the multi, can’t be beat. (unless you eat right anyway then you don’t need any multis, but for the sake of arguing multis its great)