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What is the apropriate rest interval for a 5x5:

-horizontal push/pull:

a1) flat bench 5x5
a2) bent over rows 5x5

b1) close grip decline bench 5x5

-verticle push/pull:

a1) Chin ups 5x5
a2) Shoulder Press 5x5

b1) Preacher Curls 5x5

-Leg day 1:
a1) Squats 5x5
a2) Calf Raises (standing) 5x5

b1) insert exercise here

-leg 2 day:
a1) deadlifts 5x5
a2) seated Calfs

b1) good mornings? (not sure what to put in the b for legs)

is this too little volume for each day?

My workout will be like this
day 1 = verticle push/pull
day 2 = leg 1
day 3 = off
day 4 = horizontal push/pull
day 5 = leg 2
day 6 = off
day 7 = repeat

Any help or opions would be cool.

This will be used twards CP’s training with maximal weights. It is the first stage.

Try 60-90 seconds b/w actual sets, which will give you somewhere in the 2-3 minute range for rest b/w sets of the same exercise.

Cool how does the workout look? Enough volume, not enough?

What are your training goals? Are you dieting or bulking?

trying to get strong, that’ why im doing cp’s maximal strength program.

Bobo, your volume and basic program look okay to me. But if you’re trying to get strong, why not go with a program that’s specifically designed for strength: Westside?

I like both 5x5 and Maximal Weights a lot, but for strength gains Westside blows everything else out of the water. Seriously. Even for ectos like us.

I’m really not ready for westside. I need some more exp. lifting before i start that.

Damn good answer. :slight_smile: