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Q's About Post-Workout Meal

Hi guys,

I’ve recently been wondering about the whole concept of time based on the Post-Work Out meal.

I’m currently taking Surge right after I work out, and I’m wondering how much time I have in order to get food into my stomach.

Keep in mind I’m trying to bulk up.


Bulking, one hour after Surge have a meal.

read the label

[quote]elusive wrote:
Bulking, one hour after Surge have a meal.[/quote]

x2. Enough time to let Surge digest, but sooner the better.

if cutting I’d aim upwards of 2 hrs (if using Surge)

Even if cutting I’d make it an hour, but a small meal.

I typically wait about 30-45min, just enough time to get home from the gym, shower and change…oh and then cook.

If your trying to bulk, then listen to Bill; but make it a big meal :wink: