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Qs About Max Muscle Layering

Hi, first of, thanks CT for all the development you share with us, I’ve never posted before but I’ve been following the layer system since the spills, I hope you can help me with some questions I will start next week doing it as my old program is done, my goal is to be the biggest I can get the most results possible while doing it with what I have. Max Muscle!

First, what do you think of this split (in that order)
Incline Bench - High Pull - Snatch-Grip Deadlift from Blocks - Decline Bench - High Pull - Squat ?

Second, in the post of Max Muscle you mentioned periodization and Max Pump, how do I max pump with High Pull and Deadlift, or what do I do in place of that on the last week (the max pump one) and what is the percentage on Max Pump ?

Clusters are 90% and HDL 75% right?

One simple set of assistance work is the ok for a workout right?

I think that’s it, sorry for so many questions but I want to have this crystal clear. Im very excited to do your work.

(P.S If it helps anything I can upload some photos)

i’m not CT but…

i think you will burn out very quickly on that split…

high pulls (i presume snatch grip?) then snatch grip deadlifts the next day is terrible. your deadlift performance could very well suffer, as well as too much nerual strain… the same can be said for high pull-squat day combo… while potentially not AS bad, your posterior chain muscles will be suffering in the squat, hurting performance, leading to under-stimulated quads…

CT usually say just do 1 day of squat/deadlift variation not 2, because of the neural strain… if you want to keep deadlifts, then position them between an OFF day, and a pressing day… if you want to do squats, i’d suggest the same thing, or you could do front squats, after a high pull day -better to do the high pulls from blocks to lessen the posterior chain fatigue though…

I dont use the max pump layer, but i think its ~60% of ramp. holding for X seconds, where X equals the number of reps you just lifted. just type ‘layer system max pump layer’ on google.

unless somethings changed, the assistance work was 3-4 sets of 4-6/6-8 reps depending on the movement (lower reps for compounds/presses).

factor in a day for lat/bicep work, or train them after a layer day (NOT before your legs/high pull day!)

hope that helps :slight_smile: