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QL Muscle Injury Soreness


Hi guys,

I’ve had a QL muscle injury for the past 4 months. Right side QL that is. I have been going physio every week since then getting acupuncture done. I have taken time off weights and have just been doing bodyweight exercises plus a hell of a lot of core strengthening (planks etc). I have also been using a lacrosse ball on the right QL and been massaging it (physio recommends once or twice a week). However everytime i use the lacrosse ball it always feels sore on my trigger point, it has barely decreased soreness over time. This is getting pretty depressing and impacting my life a lot as i still cant really lift heavy. Does anyone know why my right QL is still sore?

Thanks in advance


I’ve been dealing with the same issue. Make sure you do not move the lacrosse ball until the muscle has released. It may take several minutes.


How long has it been? Injuries like this if triggered often can be present even as long as one year. be patient and try to be cautious when doing the lacrosse ball!