QFor Bill Roberts

If my Tlevels are on the low side, and estrogen possibly on the high side, (based on glute and chest fat), would it screw me up to use mag-10.
Or would it help to get my levels back up to normal. If I follow it with tribex and M. Or am I asking for hormonal downgrade if I’m already out of wack.


Why dont you just include M with your mag-10 cycle and then Tribex and M following your Mag-10 cycle.

Assuming your estrogen levels are on the high side, would that effect the conversion of Mag 10 to testosterone? Would using an antiestrogen, while using mag 10 have benefit in that case?

I would get your hormone levels checked out by a Doc and then make a determination about the Mag 10.


It shouldn’t make a difference post-cycle but
I agree with JS, if you have a problem here it would be better to have it diagnosed and corrected before introducing another variable to confuse things (the cycle.)

While there is some conversion of the 4-AD-EC in MAG-10 to testosterone, it isn’t important to how it works, and actually free T remains about the same during the cycle as beforehand (for levels to increase above baseline, the amount produced from conversion would have to exceed the amount lost due to inhibition of natural testosterone production, and that seems not to be the case. Conversion of 4-AD to testosterone is limited.)