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QD or Growth Surge

Now, i’ve seen a post just like this before. My question differs, and I am very interested in people’s opinions.

I did a 2 week bulk (6000kcal and Mag-10) and gained 11 lbs. This to me was phenomenal because i’ve never truly bulked before. I hear other people get results such as 20-25 lbs.

I used Growth Surge Stage 2 and it seemed like things were going well, all lifts went up at least 20 lbs up to 50 lbs. Two weeks, yes that is very good gains. My question is this:

I am going to do another bulk cycle when I get back from college break. I loved going to the gym twice a day. Can I split QD in to two-a-dayers? Should I add more volume/exercies for lets say bench, because I am most concerned of my bench at this point?

Growth surge seemed a little limiting on the direction I could take with it.

Could anyone who has info post on possible directions to take? Are there better bulk programs out there? I am looking for overall strength, basically bang for my buck. Thoughts?

Please help a poor college fellow.



I 've never even heard of Growth Surge before your post, but now I’m reading it. So far I choose QD. But then again I’m biased since Waterbury’s stuff is the closest to my heart.

QD is great except I never seemed to fully recover enough. With prohormones I am sure it will be an excellent program. You might even try two a days with QD and add a little volume.

When you can’t recover after QD it’s a good sign the the weight might be too heavy. The greatest importance with programs like that should be put on not getting burned out. The first week should pretty much be yuor compass, I found this to be crucial.

Thanks guys,
I think I am going to do the QD for a cycle of MAG-10. I think Growth Surge Pt 2 helped me, but I don’t think i got as much out MAG-10 as I could have. I think I’ll split QD in to two separate halves, and add some volume/extra sets. Recovery might be rough, but hey, I am 22 years old. My body is made for this shit. :slight_smile:


In my case I was taking care of myself. Thesis, work, and finals. Thigs are better now. I like full body training, I feel the best results when I hit every muscle more than once a week.