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Q2 curious

I read and re-read Charles Staley’s article and it intgigues me more and more. I am cuious if others are going to try it. If so, my question is about the upper limit. With any lift, there will be a topping out. He recommends as soon as you can increase the total number of reps by 20% or more, start the next workout with 5% more weight and start over.
If I choose to accept this, and I strive to add 5%, but I top out with total reps for a workout or 2 or 3, should I strive to reduce the time while maintaining the total reps, or just switch exercises? or either? or both???

I love Charles’ programs, and am qite eager to try this one. I’m thinking I may Monkeyboy Mutate it by throwing some K-bell work into the routine.

“MBE: Running out to get a copywright on the phrase ‘Monkeyboy Mutate’ since 2002.”